*At symbol* Ichthus

Sup babe?

Why aren’t we married yet? Tomorrow?

My girlfriend isn’t going to be happy to hear about our Engagement…guess she’s going to have to learn to live with it?

Nope. Sorry. I have a priori commitments.

I think it’s over between us.

But but, but…I want some Philosophy babies!

Yo, Ichthus! Where does your own “private and personal” Christian God come down on stalking? For or against it?

Do stalkers burn in Hell? :sunglasses:

Don’t be jealous that Maia loves me more than you, piggy. You never stood a chance.

Only if they have been asked nicely (or with a restraining order or whatever) to stop, and yet they persist.

But that depends on your definition of burn/hell.


Not rhetorically.

“No” doesn’t mean No;
It means “…try harder, wink!

Keep trying, foo.

Being my 2nd wife isn’t floating your boat?? Maybe Maia will take up the offer.

…hmmm, back to the drawing board…

A correct representation of the drawing board:

Hmm, how should I go about introducing you to my girlfriend… and then Maia…


Oh, all this smarts.

You drew this. This isn’t me. Over, and… out. Was never in… to be perfectly clear.

It’s still early in the game … … … You enter the mind before you enter the body.

much, much later than you … well … was gonna say think, but …

You were never a good liar, just for the record.