attacks on god

I cant believe all the attacks on gods/god…what is going on
this dummy needs to know…it just seems silly to me

Right. Why waste time an energy attacking what you don’t believe in? Some attack because they confuse religion with God and blame the horrors of existence on both.

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A better question is : why are there so many attempts to characterize believers as mentally ill?

  • belief in god
  • religion
  • morality

Are often confused/combined together on ILP.

Right. It’s as if some who jest claim to have the inside scoop on what human consciousness entails.

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I don’t care what people believe, but when it starts hindering progress of new discovery or thinking like it does and always has I am against it.

So man’s inhumanity to man should be blamed on God and not on religious indoctrinations?

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It’s all man… There is not a god there to blame… so how can it be blamed then.

It can even be aliens… if it interferes with progress and new knowledge I am against it. When people start saying it is the answer because they want the easy way out, instead of looking for the real answer.

And you know the nature of the ‘real answer’. You know what constitutes ‘progress’.

Or do you ‘believe you know’ or ‘think you know’?

‘Believing’ and ‘thinking’ has the possibility of error but actual ‘knowing’ is without error.

In other words, other people have ‘the answer’ and you have the ‘real answer’.

No. It has nothing to do with me having the answer.

The old “It’s god” answer for satisfaction. One satisfied with that answer would not seek a true answer. What are stars? “Oh, god put them there!”. <— Example.

“Oh, god put them there!” is the answer to “why are there stars?”
What are stars?
How do stars change?
How do stars move?
Those questions can be answered by means of the scientific exploration and the answers are not incompatible with belief in god.

It was an example.

When someone doesn’t bother looking because they’re content with the “it’s god” answer. That’s not ok.

A scientist keeps looking whether he believes in god or not.

Not always. Which is why Neil DeGrasse has a problem with the percentage of believers that are elite scientists or just scientists in general.

Arabic used to be the smartest in the world until a man convinced them that mathematics and knowledge was evil and satanic. Don’t remember the name. The stars are all named in Arabic though. They would have had nearly every nobel prize if that event did not happen.

Even Isaac Newton came to a halt in his research due to ‘god’. God is a limit to knowledge and new discovery.

He’s going to force them not to believe? I don’t get it.