attacks on god

So, are you saying here that “omg” to you means “what can I say to that” or do you mean something different by that?
It’s ambiguous you know - you may realize what you’re saying but I don’t. Words ARE important to communication and understanding.

Neil DeGrasse said in one of his lectures or teachings to the other science community that Einstein did not believe in god or religion. I don’t remember the exact quote.

Sorry to rain on the parade. [youtube][/youtube]

The letter from Einstein at the end.

That wouldn’t be the first thing he lied about.

Einstein’s concept of God and mine are pretty much the same. I just have more details than he did.

Yes, deGrasse lies. Now tell us the truth about how you are privy to details about God that Einstein did not have. What are those details? In what ways do you and he agree? Disagree?

That would amount to me preaching. I know of the actual, provable make of that “spirit that is manifest in the laws of the universe” - the immutable determiner of all that is or can ever be. In Einstein’s era, they were still guessing about it.

Einstein’s “letter” was Einstein denying what had been defined to him as a “Personal God”. The adjective “personal” has a variety of meanings that I can’t discern even today when someone says “personal God”. No telling what Einstein was actually denying.

And of the many things that DeGrasse failed to mention in that lecture from a fool, is that Science in schools constitutes a State Religion. Denying that is in itself proposing that all religion is false and only state schooling is truth. The state dictates truth trough liars who speak for science … exactly like almost all religions have always done once they gain control. Teaching science without also teaching religion really is the promotion of a State Religion, and very, very unconstitutional in the USA (not that anyone cares about that issue any more). But it is founded, funded and promoted by liars who purport to be the only people who teach the real truth.

Good answer, JSS. Would you advocate the teaching of comparative religions in high school?

A personal god alters the functioning of the universe in order to benefit a specific individual. From a scientific perspective, that makes the universe unpredictable and unknowable. It makes the universe absurd. That’s why most scientists don’t believe in a personal god. If they believe in a god, they believe in an architect/engineer god.

Which amounts to the God Einstein believed in.

Someday James… someday… =)

I believe that there is a fundamental flaw in the architecture of how schools in the USA are run, how teaching is done. Thus to me, what you are asking is whether group A or group B should be running the FED when there actually shouldn’t be any FED to be run. Or perhaps what laws are better to handle the poor in your country when if your country were being run properly, there wouldn’t be any poor (especially not in the USA).

If you were to demand comparative religion to be taught, it would be taught very poorly and most often by atheists pretending to be honestly religious. There would be more false flag deaths blamed on the students in those classes or due to the fact that those classes existed. No telling what would come of it.

The only thing that I can honestly advocate is a system reboot.

Yep, he’s lying to everyone. Including other scientific people in the room… Probably what, 900 is what he said?

No DeGrasse didn’t lie. The book is there with him being asked question about “god” which he blatantly denied believing in. He just flat out said he doesn’t believe in a god or that he is not religious and here you guys are, twisting it saying he did? How is that even possible when he just SAID he didn’t in an answer in that book.

Science isn’t religion. It isn’t belief. Science or atheism isn’t religious.

Good comment.

LOL. Einstein didn’t believe the Universe unknowable… You guys really don’t know Einstein if you believe this garbage you’re saying. Einstein even has a quote about saying everything in the Universe being comprehensible, not unknowable.

And yes your “God” James, is a personal god. Because you arrived at the conclusion of your belief alone, thus making it your own personal god and belief.

I will attribute this comment to poor reading and comprehension skills.

Notice how Artimas changes Einstein’s statement -“I don’t believe in a personal god” to the claim that ‘Einstein didn’t believe in god’.

Happens frequently.

Or maybe you have the bad reading skills? since we were discussing Einstein and his not believing.

Einstein was a scientist was he not? One of the greatest, you know? The Universe is knowable. Otherwise we wouldn’t know what we do right now about it.

-Albert Einstein

That is what a god is. Personal. Everyone has their own personal belief of it all. He didn’t believe in it, he just said. He also said the only thing that one could consider religion in him is the fact that he admires the structure of the world so far as science can reveal. Or did you miss that part of the letter? Guess so.

Don’t try to point at me as if I am twisting it when you guys are. “Oh DeGrasse lies! oh the word personal doesn’t mean what he’s using it as!” Lol bs.

Reality isn’t god. It’s reality, if it were it wouldn’t need the term ‘reality’ over “god”. Take away those definitions/meanings and it isn’t “god” you’re talking about anymore.