attacks on god

Just for the record… I’d love if a deity rescued me from all this shit!

Yeah me too, who wouldn’t. That’s what religious don’t understand. It’s just wishful thinking that most are doing.

You merely have to love it enough.

[size=85]…unlikely in your case.[/size]

I’ve already run the simulations, I know what world would make me happy. SANE PEOPLE!! I don’t even care if God pretends to be them, I would be happy there.

Or you can love it not at all since nothing is going to change anyways… Because look! it hasn’t. :astonished:

I know =) I’m actually not hard to please either… I just expect some common decency. Go figure. We’re a shitty species. That’s enough to disprove a benevolent creator. I could see people on a higher plane whining about killing things by breathing or eating too… but our sexuality is so fucked up in this species that it’s not even a question in my mind. Who the fuck doesn’t say what every chimpanzee in the world knows until 2015? Some species…