Avatar help!

Hello! I am having a little trouble with my avatar. I can get it 169x169 pixels, but not 80x80! What should I do?

How did you get the site to accept such a large image? :confused: Wish I could help you, but I don’t know how to resize an animated GIF without losing the motion.

Its from a URL but I didn’t save it to the…the…thing.

very roughly, I believe you can save it to your computer (if you use windows), load it in your paint (click start, all programs, accessories- down the list) program and there is a command function in paint that will allow you to shrink the size of the image (click image -top paint bar, and then stretch down to 45-50%, top/bottom&left-right) … shrink it, save it, up load it to the web… copy from new upload address… geocities still works for avatar saving, but you have to open a (free) account on yahoo I believe… good luck