Avoiding time-outs

Is there any way to remain logged-in permanently so the foe function remains in effect at all times? Or another suggestion to ensure it’s non-stop effect?

I think has to do with user-side settings. To my knowledge (and experience), ILP doesn’t expire cookies. If you are set up to stay logged in (you tick the box to that effect at sign-in), you will stay signed in as long as you maintain the cookie. If you delete your cookies (or your browser or some plug-in deletes them for you), you don’t be automatically logged in.

If you don’t think your cookies are being deleted, it might be that the cookie is somehow corrupted, in which case you could try signing out, deleting the cookie, and signing back in, and see if that sticks.

But since it isn’t a configuration on our side that’s logging you out, I unfortunately can’t change anything to keep you logged in – that should already be possible.

Okay, I’ll check on my end. Thanks.

[Edit:I got it working. Thanks again.]