Awesome or crossing a line?

So, when NPR switches to symphony, I switch over to other talk radio – rightist talk radio. They were talking about how the Unions were killing people. So I figured I’d call in, right? Why not? And they let me through. So I said, “I’ve got a song I’d like to sing, about Union workers killing someone.” The DJ was a little pulsed, but allowed me to start singing. So I kicked it off, sing along if you know the words:

“Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen!
SA marschiert mit mutig ”

I think figured those people would be all about the Horst-Wessel Song.

:laughing: Excellent work…

I think it’s awesome you listen conservative radio talk shows. I do all the time. When I’m not listening to that, I turn it to a classical station.

omg ur my hero, where do you find these talk shows? i want some action!

Awesome! Do you recall what show on what station? I want to get a copy if they have them available for sale.

I sing it to the tune of, “Come All Ye Faithful!”

It depends on where you live. Just do a search on the internet for your cities local stations and you’ll be hooked up!

I never noticed it before . . . but holy crap, that works. I tend to go down rather than up, but its an octave difference so either way works.


That is messed up.

I know, it’s fucking awesome!!! I have been singing it for at least two hours now…thanks.

Actually, ignore the sarcasm, but then stop ignoring it in about an hour when I get annoyed that it is still stuck in my head.

Did you catch my post before that on this thread?

I’ll find out the show. The station was 93.1 in Indianapolis. Lemme get back to you on it.

Wait . . . You know that song well enough to have it in your head for two hours? I made a point of learning the first stanza so I could do what I did on the radio.

Uhhhh . . .

awesomely crossing the line.

Only the part of the song you posted, that is the worst part!

Aside from that I know nothing of the song or what it means.

What does it mean?

The flag high! The ranks tightly closed!
SA marches with a brave, firm pace.
Comrades whom Red Front and Reaction shot dead
March in spirit within our ranks.

[Make] The street free for the brown battalions;
[Make] The street free for the SA man!
Already millions are looking to the swastika, full of hope;
The day of freedom and bread is dawning.

Chargealert has sounded for the last time!
We are all prepared for the fight/We are all willing to fight!
Soon Hitler-flags will flutter over barricades.
Our servitude will not last much longer now!

The flag high! The ranks tightly closed!
SA marches with a calm, firm pace.
Comrades whom Red Front and Reaction shot dead
March in spirit within our ranks.

It was the official song of the Nazi Party and it was co-national Anthem during the Nazi Regime. Horst Wessel wrote it and was then killed by Communist activists, so the line “Kam’raden, die Rotfront und Reaktion erschossen,” was taken to refer to Wessel getting shot dead, though it originally probably meant, “Comrades, who have shot the Red Front and Reactionaries” as opposed to “Comrades, who were shot by the Red Front and Reactionaries”.

The original German goes better with, “Come All Ye Faithful.”

There’s so few markets served by good classical radio- why on Earth would you turn it away from that? #-o :-k

Just generally not what I’m vibing on during the commute home. It isn’t driving music, for lack of a better description. At least not for me.

Pure Awesome