Ballad of Baby

Through blades of grass her height times three,
Distance annulled by steadfast trotting,
bounded her jubilance straight to me;
Gleeful neighborly dachshund.

She waited not for me to kneel,
Seemingly swooned and fell prostrate,
And then as if to show her zeal,
Recumbently inscribed figure eights.

I was touched by a thing so small.
That up the hill ran straightway.
On bended knee stroked her maw
And allowed her to lick my face.

Arrivals many, forgetting not.
Joyous Faithful companion.
Never failing heart so stout
Gleeful neighborly dachshund.

She often scratched at my door
Eagerly seeking admittance.
I hated that she left two claws
Just to grace our countenance.

My wife she loved her floppy ears
And big brown eyes full of love.
Our neighbors left in a few years
And she was left in our trust.

I walked her far, I walked her well
I kept her fed and protected.
Rarely scolding, lots of holding
Each other we respected.

No more likes of kids on bikes
Chasing her and laughing.
No more roots of careless boots
And leaving her abandoned.

She burrowed far, she burrowed well
Beneath the heavy coverlet.
Leaving out her nose to smell,
In her dreamy slumber cleft.

But most of all this burrower
Who delved beneath the blankets deep.
Burrowed well within our hearts.
More than ever for mere sleep.

She used to stay beneath the plate
Of father to my wife.
Just to catch or maybe fetch
A crumb or two at night.

She has left, to us bereft,
Sadly gone, we’re too forlorned
her heart broke, so did mine
by far her best organ.