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The Saturn Corpse -

this is a psychological insight Im having based off of astrology.
When one reaches ones thirties one is in the Saturn return, this means Saturn, the second largest planet of our system has completed one orbit around the mother star since your birth. Everyone kind of knows what the thirty-age slot is about. It is making decisions and coming to terms. Finally growing up, all this. First step into the grave, also. From here on, one really has to pay mind to consequences of ones actions.

Now I came to a discovery.
After Saturn completes this first go-round, “a new Saturn is born” into ones soul. I mean, the experience accumulated in the first three decades becomes set in stone. It now exudes authority and gravity over the person. It has become a conscience. A first hand report of what is possible and what is not. Yet… this is where Saturn begins to truly deceive. Because none of this is real knowledge, it is only conscience. Morality. Ones own self-derived morality of life. And this morality is the locus of what I call the Saturn Corpse.

In short, the Saturn Corpse is the wrong lessons one has learned. The haphazardly nailed cross, the not living, petrified results of errors and trivial successes, the useless parts of ones life. It is Naturally it has to do with the expectations of ones elders. But in general with how the psyche has learned to identify with its environment. So that means that at 30, the need for philosophy begins to become the same as the need of the living Saturn.

The living Saturn is best understood as Dionysos.

So what of the next Saturn revolution post Dionysus? Post modernity as wholly defined or merely a preamble?
The age of post Acquarius?

Well Meno do you mean the personal second Saturn return, or are you referring to Society?

The second Saturn return in the individual, around the age of 60 or 59, is really not yet my purview. But perhaps you know something about it.

Does Dionysos return around this age?

The Laws of Magic will be disclosed here.



First Law of Magic[/tab]

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I don’t know only intuit that the gap between personal and social will narrow to a point where the point of it will become unmentionable, immeasurable even if, discernable.

At 60, well, Dianysus is upstaged by younger men, whose wisdom did not yet kick in, so two faces of him will try to seek the third. It’s a pre-motive to attempt to . Inflict line a tremendous upsurge of generation gap, where sons and lovers will try to overcome their fathers, whose only solution has always been sending their sons into unfathomable wars of blood lust.

Or, they cam all overcome Oedipus, and retain the Homeric oracle

This aint right. I mean society lasts thousands of years so it has about a hundred-hundred fifty Saturn returns now if we count from the old Biblical peoples.
Im really only somewhat knowledgeable about astrology of the individual.

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This is also Saturn, Im sure, who is famed for wanting to eat his children.

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That was one of your best posts I ever read.

Ah, the cruel angels on our shoulders. Always get so excited at our real insights.

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