Bergson vs. Husserl

Which of these philosophers had a greater influence on philosophy?

Which of these philosophers had the most consistent work and the largest body of knowledge?

I do not want an "apples to oranges’ reply, I want to see personal opinions so I can get a rough idea for comparing the two philosophers. I see great importance in studying their work in the future.

Bergson, as real philosophers have benifited from him.

Husserl, nobody but existentialists like Heideggar read and the occasional theologian.

Your much better off just pretending Europe ceased to exist after Kant, very few advances, several steps backwards into stupidland actually. We are just now beginning to shrug that era off.

And you shouldn’t come here to ask advice on philosophy. Off all the philosophical space on the internet, you came to ask about two relatively no name philosophers popular in the beginning half of the last century. Most here only know what they have seen written in other, far more lame books by authors who bothered to mention it in the lineage of their particular philosophy.

You gotta go to a philosophy site that practices philosophy to learn about these things first, read some books, then poderc and only once you hit a wall, and can’t move forward anymore, do you come here and ask.

Most won’t reply coherently back, some will troll you with philosophy of language crap, others will try to whip or sodomize you. That’s when you just grab somebody at randomc and start shaking and cursing at them, until your banned. You do this enough, they stop banning you.

Then, people will want to discuss philosophy with you.

That’s how it works here.

Which site in particular? I’ll retire here once I find something better, but it seems most sites I venture into have just as many trolls, evangelists and redundant pseudo-intellectuals as every other site I’ve tried.

No need to be so hostile and discouraging Turd.

I’d like to welcome you to the forum.

Nothing hostile in my statement.

Turd, this is obvious from the patterned, almost
dialectical composite which is presented between the
top 3 philosophy narratives: Bergson, anti
determinism and the Zoot articles. For these reasons I affirm the interpretation over analysis issue, (preferably causing the least discomfort.)

But the dialectics of pain, are way over shadowed by the realization of transcendence of even the distinctions, between various gradients of mathemagical collapse.

Just say’n.
Staying within the boundaries of embarrassing propriety, is the key to the problem of minimizing damage, while enhancing damage control. But other then that I follow You.

And if you say, ‘don’t know what you are talking about’, I won’t hold it against you.