How does Berkeley show that matter does not exist and will this require him to deny the existance of the eternal world?

Berkely philosophy represents an attempt to eliminate material substance fromf philosophy. or is you font he want to question the exsistence of object (from traditional subject-object relation)

His Theory of knowledge is: esse = percipi. To be, to exsist means to be experineced. Hre we don’t have any more object and his ideas and notions and things which exsist objectively. Berkeley didn’t keep the crucial distinction between perception (ideas, notions) and things. he namely didn’t keep the Locke distinction be tween “primary”( objectively exsisting things) and “secundary” qualities (our notion of things) For him is real only what one experince. i.e. there is no real object or things in reality it exsist only our expiriences. Objects in that sense exsist only for or thurie subject. which is some kin of extreme idealism or better solipsism. Example : esse (to be) = percipi (to be experineced) means: this chair exsist only if I look at him (experince him) , if I turn my head to some other directions chair cease to exsist.