Best and Worst posts

As I near my 1 year anniversary, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on my best and worst posts.

As for the best post, it must be my post entitled Evolutionary Mechanisms, and my worst post was in response to the post entitled Is it right to speak of animal DNA and plant DNA? That was a classic senior moment where nothing I said made sense, and none of the facts I stated were true. I’m still embarrassed.

If I tried something like that I’d find at least 2079 examples, myself.

Wait a minute…I just found a paradox, I think.

Do you see it? Now it is not possible to find at least 2079 posts because I haven’t yet sent this one, which will in the near future be marked as the 79’th as you are reading it now (although now, for me, its the future). Yet, in order to confirm the truth of the proposition, which can indeed happen and will upon posting this message, I do not need to actually wait until it is posted to know it is and will be true as I sit here and type it.

Have I got that right? Is that some breaking news or mindless nonsense? When does the truth of this post exist?

Now or now?

Hi détrop:

Actually, I kind of like your post. And as such, it can not be counted as your worst post.

While i can absolutely guarantee that if you can even call that string of words cognative thought, it was nonsense. Yet, strangely enough, i have used the abilities gained from public school* and deciphered the code of your message and have finally descovered the true meaning of the world. I will share it with you now: R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down. May you go with peace.

[size=75]*These ablilities would of course be lowering my standards and mastry of all forms of useless garbage.[/size]

The weapon cheat for GTA 3 (Liberty City) is not the answer to life the universe and everything…

You misunderstand. This is not just ANY weapon cheat. THIS is weapon cheat NUMBER THREE.

I hope that clears up any doubt of my all-knowingness. It also qualifies it as my on personal worst post. Other than my post on drugs.

…video games…why yes

thats a very good question. i’ve often wondered why myself…

I have had so many bad posts that it would be difficult to choose just one. Everyone knows that I came here by mistake in April and have had a hard time with the addiction of you. I think of you as my interactive journal, which is ridiculous because I interact with only about five people here which can be done with emails. I did come here by mistake, but as a good friend here has reminded me, "there are no mistakes."

My email changes on Tuesday and the question is, do I re-register or do I give up the interactive addiction for good? As Jerry says, “in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.”

Knowing me, I’ll see you on Wednesday morning. If not, please don’t forget to donate to ILP after I leave. Even $2.00 to paypal would help make it continue. What a damn suckup, I am. :wink:

Wait… Bessy’s leaving. I doubt you even know me, but your infiltration of ILP is legend. I’ll miss you.

no,no,no… god don’t make that last post of mine a goodbye post. The philosollectuals will tie me up and castrate me (and I don’t even have a penis). I may take a break, that’s all.

Addictions die hard. Soooo hard, especially for the Bester. But thank you for your sweet words.

“there are no mistakes.”

However said that is an idiot.

However, your mistake was a good one. Stick around and have fun. There’s lots of good stuff here.

I double posted. And all this time I thought I was a professional ILPer. :confused:

[size=75](Thanks, Ad. :smiley: )[/size]


I don’t confine myself to thinking like that…

however this one was probably… slightly uncalled for.

Did you write the word “however” by mistake when you meant to write the word “whoever”? Or did you intentionally write “however” so as to make it seem like a mistake? Please answer, I want to know if whoever said that really is an idiot.

Yes, they were an idiot. Many things happen by chance.

How about: the truth that exists for you is different from the truth that exists for the Other. For anything other than mathamatics and logic, a la kant, I’m pretty much with Kierkegaard: “Truth is subjectivity,” or if you will, Pirandello – only philosophically speaking though – : “Right you are if you think you are.”

I had never read thirst’s 1000 Dedicated to ILP until today. Most of the time my biggest problem is that I flit in and out of here never knowing anyone too well, never reading enough threads, and pretty much stayng blissfully the the dark - which, of course makes me love just about everyone. Even the people I can’t stand, I have grown fond of - if in just some small way.

I was so touched by thirst’s post and never realized that he had included me in his favorite’s list. It meant a lot because I think he is one of our best communicators and wit-meisters.

Thank you thirsty. Love you too! :wink: