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list websites here you find amusing, funny, or just overall good! Hehe, I think you all should try going to
and yes, I know I am an idiot for finding such nonsense humorous! :smiley:

hahaha, homestarrunner is the greatest. is good too

Can I be a little biased? is getting there, but nowhere near!!!

Civil Rights

I wonder if Monk realises is satirical.

have to agree with homestarrunner, but also


Everyone loves Maddox aka the Best Site in The Universe

I’m starting my own pseudophilosophy/forum site which also hosts lots of interesting textfiles at

Slashdot is the best for computer nerds

Here’s an interesting one-


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"In the early 20th century, a physician practicing in Chicago became the head of a group known as the Contact Commission. This small group was the focal point for the production of, and the primary custodian for, the final text of The Urantia Book. They were sworn not to disclose details about the transactions in order to preclude future generations from venerating the participants. It was considered important that no individual might be exalted through their association with The Urantia Book. Because of its revelatory nature, the book stands on its own merit, nature and content. "

[insert creepy music]

new one i like…

HAHAHA You are a gimmick!

What did you guys think about this “Urantia” issue?

If you could look through the eyes of a religious person, wouldn’t you find this belief system to be an amazing feat? Compare it to Christianity of any other monotheistic religious system. It is far more elaborate and organized, with fewer pit falls and allegories.

I found it to be very entertaining.

Especially the part about the “Lucifer rebellion.” How “Lucifer,” who isn’t Satan, but rather a brilliant and honorable diplomat who wanted to liberate his government of “Calagastia,” (now “earth” or “Satania”) from the jurisdiction and dictation of the superuniverses, isn’t really to blame for our quarantine from the high order. (we’ve been “abandoned” as a project gone wrong). “Satan,” who sneaks in behind Lucifer and takes advantage of the disarray, poisons the gene pool of the human race, the “midwayers,” with the genetics of the “lessers,” the Atlantians. Wait…this isn’t even the cool part. Check this out. Human birth is so painful because of this cross breeding of Atlantians and “humans,” who were mortal but had a spirit, unlike the Atlantians. The Atlantians were much larger than the human species, so the cross breeding created the difficulties in birth. Now get this. The “aliens,” which there are various classes, present here on earth are called the “grays.” They are, believe it or not, in a lesser stage of development. They have no spirits, but surpass us in technology.

Want more?

Why do you think that in less than one hundred years we have gone from the gasoline engine to orbiting satelites around Mars? Why such a quick advance in technology? I’ll tell you. We were given technological information, not for our progression in evolution, but for our destruction…an extermination conducted by the higher galactic government. The “bomb” was given to us so that we would destroy ourselves. It was part of a policy and political contract, actually, as the higher commands could not directly intervene and destroy a local universe, but could send “spies,” so to speak.

Man, you should check this stuff out. It goes way deep.

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