Between Daleks (a really short episode)

‘I am right and just’ said iT the dalek to Real iT the dalek.
‘I’m just real’ the other dalek responded.
‘I’m eternal’ said iT, ‘and you’re on drugs.’
‘I’m not just high’ said Real iT.
‘You’re not really just’ said iT.
‘You’re not really right,’ said Real iT, ‘and that means you’re really wrong.’
‘You don’t respect authority’ iT retorted, ‘what do you expect?’
‘For starters I don’t expect you to be fair.’
‘Is that because I’m important?’
‘You ought to know I really matter’ said Real iT despondently.
‘You ought to know I really care.’ retorted iT.
‘I do know there’s really no point trying to argue.’
‘And I know there’s really not much point trying to help’ iT said in closing before turning around in the other direction and zooming off down the hill.