BF Skinner's big adventure

He found appearent continuity by dying his Grey hair ever so indistinctly, leaving any shading to move toward color, so as not to have them notice anything different from die job to die job

A sort of calculi Ted effort to apply cognative ideals to appearent effort to disguise.

Or simply he wanted people to think he discovered the fountain of youth.

Vanity, faced with the inevitable entropy.

How does that work in terms of the dynamic mechanistic. way of psychological methods of description ?

Perhaps as Wilhelm Wundt would try to describe it very basically? ( more literally entropically relative to vanity as an extreme reductive process.)

Irrellus, in such topical description, an actual formulation may be acquired within the descriptive language of the relationship between vanity and ir’s reactive connotation. Could Skinner of all people with his absolutely behavioristically determinative model Not be aware of.such need for substantive demonstration of the primal, mechanistic sources of those figurative underpinnings , which presume an underlying constructive self: namely the image of the self underlying the idea of the self?

Hence, that there may have been those students in his class who sustained longer stretches if his day to day appearance, who might have been able to discover his hidden , secretive attempts to change his self image?