Biden won the election, now what?

so after the failure of over 30 lawsuits to overthrow the will of
the voters and finally the letter from the GSA, where Biden can
formally begin his transition… here we are…

How does the religion of “Trumpism” hang on given the loss of their
messiah? Do they accept the election results which has been pretty
obvious to everyone but that particular cult?

The GOP has already made it clear that the official party stance will
be to block and obstruct Biden every step of the way like they did
with Obama?

it is important to note that Moscow Mitch is the same age as Biden,
so how much longer Mcconnall will be around is an open question…
so how much influence Moscow Mitch may have is also in question…

and as far as the dumpster fire of IQ45 goes, I predict he is treated
pretty much like Bush Jr… ignored and not paid any attention to from
here on out…but once again, that leaves the GOP with real problems…
as they have gone all in on the GOP being the party of Trump…
for example one of the dumb and dumber sons of Trump, has
attempted to take over the GOP by selecting those who have allegiance to
IQ45 and not the party or the country…that won’t end well and could
lead to a civil war within the GOP… with the GOP breaking up into
two parties… the new party of IQ45 with hate and bigotry as
its selling points and the old party of the GOP which hid it prejudice
and bigotry behind pretty lies…Trumpism as been rejected by the
American people… … so, now what?


Most here know my take on Biden. That he fits quite comfortably into the Clinton/Obama mold of the crony capitalist ruling class.

This part: … s#p2187045

So, what I’ll be looking for is the extent to which he will either attempt to placate the thousands of Bernie Sanders “social democrat”/“democratic socialist” factions of the Democratic Party, or, instead, goes full blown Obama.

Though that is in regard to basic economic and foreign policy issues. As for the value voter issues, most liberals and moderates recognize that any Democrat in office is better than Trump.


Stocks on Wall Street climbed for a second day on Tuesday, buoyed by news that President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. had chosen a former Federal Reserve chair, Janet L. Yellen, to be the next Treasury secretary… NYT

Just out of curiosity though, had the powers that be in the Democratic Party not succeeded is driving Sanders out of the race, who might he have selected here had he beaten Trump.

And I guess we’ll never know how the ruling class would have reacted to a Sanders/Trump matchup.

The New York Times for example. :sunglasses:

Some will miss the clown…Especially thpse, who will be looking for new jobs.

so we have the new intelligence community
as chosen by Biden… very experience group with
lots of time spent in intelligence matters…

and this is good… we have experience exactly where we
need it… in matters of national security…but more importantly
we have a shift in our national priorities… we have lost this foolish notion
of “America First”… that has done nothing but lost us respect around the world…

we cannot afford and world cannot afford our country, any county for that
matter following a “me first” attitude… we are too connected around the world
to engage in such matters…even a small country like Uruguay must be connected to
the world…it cannot afford to hold to a “Uruguay first” policy…

we are committed to a world where we, each separate country must engage
with and be part of the world…we cannot afford isolation of any kind
from any country…

the question of the future lies in what values we hold to ourselves to…

do we hold such isolating values as “America first” or do we hold to more
universal values like every country has value…

taking an “American first” understanding of the universe is a path to
failure for we cannot, in our connected and interconnected world, hold
to such a path as “American first”…

the path, as always, is inclusion, not exclusion…


Imagine Joe Biden reading this: … e=Homepage

[b]On Tuesday, as the stock market soared to a record, Collins was watching the billionaires cross a depressing threshold: $1 trillion.

That is the amount of new wealth American billionaires have amassed since March, at the start of the devastating lockdowns that state and local governments imposed to curb the pandemic.

On March 18, according to a report Collins and his colleagues published last week, America’s 614 billionaires were worth a combined $2.95 trillion. When the markets closed on Tuesday, there were 650 billionaires and their combined wealth was now close to $4 trillion. In the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, American billionaires’ wealth grew by a third.[/b]

How might he respond in terms of how his administration will pursue policies either to shrink the gap or, as with Clinton and Obama I suspect, actually widen it.

Now, here, as I noted to Phoneutria on another thread…

…there are opposite political prejudices.

Let’s see where Joe Biden takes us here in America.

On this thread for example.

Cheating doesn’t count. He lost, and will be forced into submission by the courts.

Trump won.

You will only like it if you hate America.

K: once again, the evidence that Biden cheated… something that the prior
30 plus lawsuits didn’t have…unlike out here, in a court room, you can’t just lie…
there are severe consequences if you lie in a courtroom… and the fact is,
the U.S supreme court won’t even hear a case that will allow IQ45 to “win”

I know it is hard to hear, but Trump has already lost… Biden will be
inaugurated on Jan 20, 2021… the sooner you learn to accept this,
the quicker the return to reality for you…


K: and here comes the meme that only “true” Americans voted for Trump…

the US vs THEM…you are a “true” American only if you believe in what I believe in…

and where only “conservatives” love America…the fact is that we are all American’s…
regardless if you voted for Biden or Trump…and I accepted the fact that Trump won
the last election…it doesn’t mean I have to love that fact, but I had to accept that fact…

the fact that the last 4 years were an unmitigated disaster cannot be denied

but I did accept that he was president… a failure of a president, but nevertheless
president… and why was Trump a failure? because he practiced exclusion… he excluded
people from all manner of things… he was a racist and a misogynist… basically hated
anyone who wasn’t rich and white… and those exclusions are why he failed…

I am a liberal because I don’t believe in excluding people… I believe in
the inclusion of everyone… regardless of who you are and what you believe in…

so I don’t hold to your beliefs, but you have the right to hold those beliefs,
even if in my eyes, they form the path to failure…

in your provincialism, you forget that there are people out there who are
starving and cold and lacking basic necessities that we take for granted…

and they are also Americans… and because they might hold different beliefs
then I do, does that mean we can just ignore them or attack them?

no, a thousand times no…the basic value of being human isn’t restricted
because of your nationality or your beliefs or you god or who you love

you have dignity and honor regardless of your belief or your wealth…

and that is why I voted for Biden… because everyone has value in his eyes…
even you…


I’m watching the Biden documentary on CNN. He’s such a wonderful man.

Mr Hidin, Lyin Biden has only won the count, not the election.

u r spending a lot of time in the denial phase you should move toward acceptance

Biden in Bilderberg mode: … story.html

[b]WILMINGTON, Del. — President-elect Joe Biden’s decision to fill his White House and Cabinet with longtime colleagues has led to frustration from liberals, civil rights leaders and younger activists, who worry he’s relegating racial minorities to lower-status jobs while leaning on Obama-era appointees for key positions.

Biden’s Cabinet process has also discomforted some allies on the Hill, who say senators from his own party have not been sufficiently consulted about picks, even though Biden will need influential Senate Democrats to help steer nominees through the confirmation gauntlet. Senior Democratic senators have gotten little or no advance warning about the president-elect’s selections, according to a half-dozen senior congressional officials and others familiar with the process.[/b]

When it comes to economic and foreign policy, Biden is signaling the ruling class here – … s#p2187045 – that it’s business as usual.

As though Obama himself had been reelected.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, I’m no less “fractured and fragmented” now as I was in reacting to Bernie Sanders campaign.

Let’s just say it is all as I expected it to be.

Another take on it: … socialist/

the bidenberg group

look how sinister that looks in italics.

No more sinister than this: show me the money

Now we continue to witness the denial of idol worshippers, who see in one specific person their saviour.

Like childish hero kowtowing, they see only the tree and not the forest: venerating the person over the bigger picture.

Fraud is NOT okay.
Of course we can get countless laymen creating youtube videos that try to suggest foulplay in their favour, and innumerable protestations of fraud by laymen with no legal education - but the test is the courts of law run by those with considerable education in actual law, and if that is disrespected then you might as well join the vast ranks of the paranoid and resort to protestations of mass conspiracy and limply appeal to civil war. The only possible explanation of “if I don’t get my way”, must be cheating, right? The epitome of narcissism - as exemplified by their highest trash piece of crap himself.

It’s pathetic what we have to put up with, but now Biden won, it’ll be just as pathetic as all the SJWs crying in the street when the ultimate fool somehow got lucky by getting in office by a landslide despite losing the popular vote by a landslide.
Let them cry and get it out of their system.
Soon they’ll have a new God to venerate, and I hope the next one is not half as disgustingly pathetic as a human being as the last failure who lost “bigly”.

Now there is only waiting to see how all of this plays out after January 20th.

Here of course much might depend on the results in Georgia on January 5th. A lot is at stake here: … epublicans

If the Democrats actually regain control of the Senate, even more pressure might be put on Biden from the Bernie Sanders faction on the left. … e=Homepage

[b]President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. is confronting outbreaks of factionalism and fierce impatience within his own party, as the groups that make up the Democratic coalition see President Trump crumbling as an adversary and turn instead toward the battle to define the personnel and policies of a new administration.

With just five weeks left before he takes office, Mr. Biden and his allies and advisers acknowledge it may be a considerable challenge to convert the array of constituencies he rallied against Mr. Trump into a sturdier governing force. Already, the competition for senior offices has strained valuable political alliances, vexing some of Mr. Biden’s key supporters from the Democratic primary contest, as well as numerous minority and female lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Mr. Biden has so far sought not to muffle Democratic dissension or impose a tightly focused message on the party, but rather to roll out a team focused on addressing the coronavirus crisis while placating various interest groups. It is a strategy that largely replicates the Biden campaign’s successful approach to the 2020 election: treating the pandemic as the overwhelming issue, taking modest steps to appease different Democratic factions and surrounding Mr. Biden with familiar faces that embody governing expertise.

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Biden will attempt a more assertive approach once he takes office. Advocacy groups from across the Democratic coalition have been mobilizing to demand swift executive action on matters from student debt and police overhauls to union rights and climate change.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, a prominent progressive, said she hoped Mr. Biden would soon lay out the overarching themes of his administration, going beyond the week-by-week staff announcements.

“You have an individual appointment here, an individual appointment there,” Ms. Ocasio-Cortez said. “What is the overall message from the big picture in this entire cabinet put together?”[/b]

K: and I believe that OAC is missing the point…
the entire first year of Biden’s presidency will be involved
in Covid…there won’t be an overall message or big picture until
we solve the virus problem…and then and only then can we
begin to work out the other issues… as I have noted
before… keep your eye on the prize… and that is basically
involving dealing with Covid first and everything else second…


Here though a lot revolves around the extent to which one sees Biden as embedded in the Democratic Party faction of the crony capitalist “deep state” here: … s#p2187045

I suspect that when push comes to shove the crony capitalist ruling class in America would have actually preferred Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders.

I suspect, in turn, that I am far more cynical here than you are. You strike me as more the political idealist. Which is basically why folks like Karpel Tunnel keep insisting that you are just a liberal rendition of my “objectivist”.

But that never really concerns me though. What counts for me is the level of intelligence that goes into your posts. And your commitment to rid ILP of those like Pedro, obsrvr and urwrongx1000. The yak yak yak crowd, the youtube video “arguments” and the knee jerk fascist “liberals are scumbags” ranters.

Besides, I don’t pretend that my own arguments about objectivists are any less rooted in “I” as an existential contraption derived from dasein. They seem reasonable to me “here and now”. But that’s as far as I can go. “I” here am still no less “fractured and fragmented”.

Let’s see what president Joe Biden does about this: … story.html

[b]It has been 60 years since a harmonica-blowing kid from Hibbing, Minn., landed his first gig at a Greenwich Village cafe. Scruffy and impecunious, the raspy-voiced folk singer was, in the immortal lyric of his ex, Joan Baez, “the original vagabond.”

Ah, but Bob Dylan was so much younger then; he’s older, and richer, than that now. A lot richer: He just sold the rights to “Blowin’ in the Wind” and 600 other songs to Universal Music Publishing Group for a reported $300 million. Added to his previously reported net worth of $200 million, the transaction implies that Dylan will reach his 80th birthday on May 24 as a half-billionaire.

This is a tribute to his genius and, on the whole, to a political and economic system that rewards artists whether they merely entertain multitudes — or inspire them to march against that same system.

Nevertheless, some socially conscious musician could write a song protesting the Dylan deal, because of what it reveals about that engine of irrationality and inequality known as the U.S. tax system.

A cardinal defect of the system is highly favorable treatment of capital gains relative to ordinary income. The top rate on the former stands at 20 percent; on the latter, it is 37 percent.[/b]

In a way, Biden and the crony capitalist Democratic leadership in Congress have got to be hoping the runoffs in Georgia don’t result in a Democratic Senate majority. Then they can always blame the Republicans when “the times they ain’t a changin’” again.

And while [for me] this can only ever be a fractured and fragmented reaction rooted in a political prejudice rooted subjectively in dasein, I will say this:

“Fuck you, Bob.”