big bang

Hello peeps im new here first post so take it easy on me :slight_smile:
Basicly as i understand it the big bang thearoy is that the universe is expanding so if you roll back time it would contract into a mass(basicly)
So who says when u roll back time the universe would only contract ?
what if its taking a breath a vibration a beat where eatch in and out movement could take millions of years or even 50 years we wouldnt know. Lets face facts everything in the universe has or gives of a frequency a vibration so why cant the universe itself be vibrating as im sure it is.
I think this is more plausable than the big bang thearoy Mr Hawkin’s hang up you wheel chair H@GG!S is here

If you like this wait till you here about my dinasor theory and how they died out mine’s works 100% were the current one dose not !

Regarding the topic of the big bang, I am rather unfortunatley acquainted with a fundamentalist Christian (for educational reasons). When asked why he was incredulous in the respect to the former he replied “When have you ever seen an explosion create beauty”. Ah, the wonders of the logic of fanatics. :confused:

my point is there never was a big bang…


Isnt the theory called sting theory? or super string theory, depending on how you see no big bang.

The rolling back time thing, is this not the idea that without enough gravity in the universe to hold it together, it’ll just keep expanding; But if there is enough gravity if could be possible that time runs backwards (in the big crunch). then again isnt time simply a way to measure and size the outer world around us? - it could run backwards perhaps but then again it couldnt of ran backwards in 50 years because we would of thought in terms of going back into the womb; (which has never happened [not saying it wont though]).

im not talking about running time backwards 50 years or even one year the point is big bangs a load of bull … my point is the universe is vibrating in out in out ect …so there never was a big bang and who says the univers moves in one direction !

…im guessing mathematical formulas?

Actually i think this is a very cleaver idea h@ggis, why don’t you research it more?
Who knows, maybe it has already been ‘disproved’, or found to be unlikely anyways. Or perhaps you’re on to something, either way try looking up “pulsating universe theory”

oh well thats it then EH!! nothing to discover do your reserch on having an original though emmm no think ill give it a miss ( i wouldnt know were to start anyway )
but if mathametical formular say its so well that me proved wrong these the same ones that said it was impossible for a bee to fly ?
or maybe the world realy is flat !

Well haggis it still doesnt answer the why question.

Why does the universe vibrate? A string vibrates because it is pulled.

Science says that the big bang is what caused it to go in and out like that, till eventually it stops vibrating.

as i said everything in nature vibrates in one way or anuther ie light = frequency = vibrate its a normal part of everything around us it happens through out the universe so why cant the universe be vibrating itself …after all it would go with the flow of things so to speak

thats a very rough idea. I still wish to stand with things vibrate for a cause. What makes this idea so rough is the no possiblity for researching proof

Can the vibration not just be a fundamental property of matter/energy (which it essentially is)? This solves you problem.

This has nothing to do with the Big Bang, but can your minds take you to the Philosophy section and read on L+R. See if you can add some insight.

EMP can you tell me what dosnt give off EMP ?

sorry the emp bit was me didnt logg in :blush:

RE: the vibrating theory, this is only a guess and my physics ain’t what it used to be, but I assume you mean contracting and expanding as the universe is pretty much flat, and it it did that I think it would create an energy pulse everytime it did so, much like a pulsar does, so we could tell if it did that by measuring the pulses. However we’ve only detected the one pulse in background radiation from the big bang itself, there would be many if the universe vibrated.

I also question the big bangs’ acceptance in popular culture.
Check out the web site: … inning.asp

did anybody check the above named website? What was your take on it?