Big Brother grows, but faces outing for its stupidity

Do you want the Gulag/Big Brother/Democrat future?

  • Yes
  • No
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Damore was just a tip of an iceberg, among many icebergs. Our culture is the titanic heading straight into those icebergs.

Meanwhile the economy continues to grow under Trump. Even as he is still accused of “racism”, this time for wanting to raise user fees to help repair National Park infrastructure… kek

So do you really want the Gulag/Big Brother/Democrat future, or are you sane?

K: the economy that was Obama’s… his budget was in place until Oct 31 and its the incoming
administration budget after that…wait until the next budget comes out before you
celebrate… as far as your poll goes… I notice you didn’t give a choice for one
to disapprove of IQ45 and approve of Obama… must have been an oversight on your
part… I would think you would want honest answers to a poll… but hay,
its your poll… as one sided as it is…




Seems to me that big brother is winning the game big time. :slight_smile:



The internet is simply about communication and access to information. It is up to you to use it well, or not. It is also up to you to avoid being taken advantage of when it comes to the propaganda. Communication and information media have always had elements of state propaganda to them, and it has always been up to the individual person to filter through that and make their own determinations. It is called self-responsibility. If you fall for the lies then you deserve to fall for them.

The internet and technology isn’t something to be scared of, but it is something to take responsibility for.

Valid and truthful comments UrGod.

Though feels like your closing the barn door after the horses have bolted.

If one gets caught in the pouring rain without an umbrella one gets wet … soaked … drenched. :slight_smile: It doesn’t help to claim the fact that it rained unexpectedly is one’s personal responsibility.

Though … there’s no longer any need to worry that big brother is watching you … that situation is passée :slight_smile:

Big brother has long entered the “harvest” mode and almost all people are happily feeding it. :slight_smile:

The gulag archipelago has now become a global one and all political factions are complicit in its creation.