[size=200]BINARY BILL[/size]

bill was a happy piece of source code, well till now… he was wondering why he lay in this recycling bin. what did he do wrong to get put there? did he perform poorly at his assigned functions? bill was a proud source code and thought this unlikely. he performed in a wordprocessing program. he never caused the program to freeze or malfunction, not like the spellchecker code phillis did.

as bill laid in the bin with his counterparts, he wondered what would become of him. would he go to a better program in a faster computer? would that computer have a better processor and more memory capacity? or would he go to an old piece of ibm trash? destined to toil for eternity on menial and mundane tasks…

binary bill new many codes that beleived in his former theory. they beleived it so much that they took time to pray to this computer. making unrealisitic wishes and contributing their good fortunes to it. when something negative happened however, they blamed that old ibm computer and its overheated processor. they began to speak of a special code that will come to save them all. bill remebered how he rejected those ideas beleiving that they would disrupt his work…

there was no hope for bill returning to his original program. he knew that when his other friends were deleted that they never came back. he thought of them often, but didnt seem to think of what really happened to them, until now.

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