Black people in Canada

When I see blacks working, i usually see them only having certain jobs.
Nurses. Janitors. And human care folk.
They are cleaning the floors and taking care of white handi-tards.
I was told black people are more likely to be unemployed and drug dealing.
I’m not seeing it, though. They may go to KFC often but that’s not a crime.
I still claim to not be racist. They are also good with cell phones.
Mostly. So the claim of lower IQ is probably not the right system to measure intelligence.

That’s just the way the culture of a nation uses others. In Israel Palestinians are used like that, but they are genetically italian/greek etc mix, so one wouldn’t assume them to be lesser intellectually based upon race. I see many black doctors and scientists over here, so I think its purely a matter of society and not race.

Anyway, the Chinese have the highest average IQ, so that makes westerners into dumb ‘blacks’ if we use IQ to black people up – so to say.

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Are you sure it’s national which causes specific jobs for specific races?

I just thought that the nurse and janitor type jobs were easier than others.
But maybe that is not right either.

Where do we go to from here?

Oh wow I didn’t notice that, jeez I must talk some serious shit :laughing:

Well its observably the predominant culture, but in many nations you can rise up the ladder. People don’t because there are costs to the education required and other economic factors.

Some people actually like everyday ~ easy jobs, for various reasons.

Well I used to think that everything would get changed up, but that hasn’t happened even in rich areas like oxfordshire england. There are still economic sanctions if you will, where in richer areas it costs more to buy homes etc. it used to be the case that anyone here got free higher education, but now there are costs which although are loans, poorer people still struggle with the immediate issues of finance. I think people ‘choose’ to get jobs instead of education extended into many years. If I were to be a cynic i’d think that those at the top wish to continue and indeed further the gap, whilst appearing to not be like that. Its the same old thing where the middle/upper classes have definite freedoms, but requires people to have less so they can employ them cheaply.

I’d say Chinese are more retarded than blacks. They sound like down syndrome retards.

Chinese have the highest national average IQ. :-"

Must not be too bright if they let fascism rule their world.

What’s wrong with fascism?