Blessings (June)

We brothers and sisters are gathered today, on this forum to seek and understand God, the mysteries of the Trinity and of faith. I pray, on half of those present, that may God grant us wisdom and power so we may understand and be obedient in his teachings. May God give us the strength to repel evil in whatever form it takes. And may the Great Sheperd guide His herd out of temptation and into the light.

May God bless you all.


shepard is such a dirty word…so is “herd”…

–i mean, yeah, sure, go ahead…which god are we praying for?

sorry. that was uncaled for, i just realised :blush:

its just you bothered me sooo much in all your posts. how can i trust you now, if under your standards, i am going to hell. i am not a bad person, i dont deserve to be there. i trust instinct.

i wish there was someone on your side, we would have more valid arguements and i personally wouldnt feel bad about argueinbg in something you beleive so much in, but you cannot assume that your the only one thats right all the time–its as if youre blindfolded and are telling us that what we are seeing isnt real.