Board question

I’m posting in another forum using the same format. Under board style one of the color choices is red. I switched it and now each time I try to load the next screen an error pops up saying that the red file couldn’t be opened. Any ideas on what I could do?

Disregard the entire website. Force all their users to leave and join ILP. Be a consumer. We are competing against this forum. They are failing. Support our survival. We are fit. They are weak. With errors et al

although I don’t find Pangloss’ advice to you to be anything close to wise, you should message the other forums Moderator and/or Administrator for help. I’m sure they will know. You can also check out, if you can view the page, the FAQ page (that is if they have one) and the answer may be there. You could also try to go to other forums and ask them to see if they have had the same problem, I am guessing that is why you posted here…I hope HVD or BEN respond to your post, with their experience they may have bumped up against the same problem and be able to help you.

Well I can’t post because the error pops up when I try logging in. And the FAQ page doesn’t have anything on it. While pangloss’s post may not have been wise it was correct. That board is crap. But the people are funny. I told em about the site but no one came I don’t know why. Some of them seem pretty interested in philosophy but I guess they aren’t. I just want their brains is all…

Hmm, ive thought about your problem, and what it seems is that the admin enabled the “red” style, without installing it, which, if it is even possible, is F’n stupid. You could try mailing the admin, and ask Hir to enable the “Override user style” option under the “General” section of the admin panel. Worst come to worst, re-register.

You’re right tough, that board is shit :evilfun:

Hah alright thanks…