Book Recommendations: Arthur Schopenhauer

Happy Holidays!

For mid-late December holiday (lol) this year I got some money. Rather than spending that money things that I’ll throw away soon, I’ll opt for some books on Schopenhauer, but I don’t know which ones. Here is my list:

The World as Will and Representation, Vol. 1
The World as Will and Representation, Vol. 2
(Is there a difference between either volume? Is the second one jsut a revised edition or part 2?)

[b]Essays and Aphorisms (The Penguin Classics Abridged)
The World As Will and Idea: Abridged in One Volume

The Philosophy of Schopenhauer by Brian Magee[/b]

Now I’m a bit of a beginner. I was introduced to Schopenhauer by reading a book about Nietzsche by Mencken. Other than that, I really have no background on him, but am allured by his philosophy and want to know more. The book by Bryan Magee is the most expensive one out of the lot, about $66 Canadian, is it worth it? What about the other books on the list, as well as those which are not?

Thank you for your time.


There is a particular order of philosophers who I consider to be an extended family. In this order they are: Plato, Kant, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche.

Each one after Plato continued the philosophy of the one before him, but with criticism and further additions.

I would suggest aquainting yourself with each one in this order. But don’t stop with Schopenhauer. By all means continue on with Nietzsche.

$66 Canadian!? Jesus, no wonder you guys are so stupid. Who can afford the damn books?

No, I’m toooootally kidding. :slight_smile:

Oh, I wanted to mention that I stole my Schopenhauer books from the library twelve years ago. I suppose I’ve got one helluva late fee, eh?


Hello Dentritical,

The World as Will and Representation, Vol. 1 and
The World as Will and Representation, Vol. 2 are some ot the best books I ever read. The reading is useful for readers of the works of Nietzsche and absolutely important for all of us, which like art and art theory. This books and the Paralipomenas influenced - and I speak only for Europe, as I do not know it for North America and other parts of the world - generations of artists. There are many, like Thomas Mann (literature), Richard Wagner (classical music), Friedrich Nietzsche (philosophy) and Max Klinger (etcher, painter) and this is a very short list of examples. Schopenhauer was, like Nietzsche, a great lingual stylist. It is enjouying, to read his books.

I do not know, whether this helps you…


Old Europe

My approach to philosophy making the most sense to me was following along the historical time line. Philosophy has evolved along that path and each succeeding viewpoint was heavily influenced by what was in the culture of time in which it was written.

I think it was Newton who said, his great dscoveries were made precisely because he was standing on the shoulders of gaints. Well, he was perhaps the biggest gaint who ever lived, how ironic.

Good Luck in your journey. The view is nice from here, and it’s worth it.

With "The Will 1+2 "you got enough for the rest of your life, and al you need!!! Take your time!

Sorry for the late reply, had a terr. pc crash.
You need both books, he later wrote “Parerga and Paralipomena” to explain the privious books, sell your car to get them!!!
Joke, but get them.Here in Belgium both part 1+2 together cost about 30 euro, paperback.

Dear all,

this is a very good Schopenhauer biography: … s&n=507846

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