Breaking Bread

Talk of bread would involve finding and compiling the necessary ingredients, cooking at the proper temperature, cooling down, breaking and eating. The same steps are found in the Bread of Life, i.e. the holy spirit.

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Finding the necessary ingredients–an open mind, a search for truth made personal, a sense of awe and wonder, a hunger for righteousness.

You seem to be saying that the Holy Spirit is not some external thing but rather something that you ‘cook up’ within your own mind.

The mind cooks up everything. Mind is the oven.

There is the possibility that the Holy Spirit is within and that it is being suppressed. In that case, cooking would not be required - only a release of the imprisoned Spirit.

That is similar to the concept of Buddhahood - you are already Buddha… you just don’t realize it.

Mind cooks from the ingredients it’s been given. If the spirit is one of these ingredients, it will show when the bread is cooked. I don’t like the Platonic idea of a spirit imprisoned in a body. Spirit may be the flour used to make the bread. In that case it’s available to all.

Do you have to actively do something to get the Holy Spirit? Do you have to change yourself?

I think that you are conflating bread with water. Man does not live by bread alone.
Bread is knowledge. Water (or in some cases “wine”) is “spirit” (Holy Water, Holy Spirit).

Breaking bread means sharing each others knowledge and wisdom, feeding the mind, not necessarily the spirit. “Consuming the wine” would be sharing the spirit of the whole thing, possibly getting intoxicated by it.

But the metaphor I choose for holy spirit is bread., I. e. the bread of life. Faith is the yeast.

You can always choose what you wish, not that wishes get you anywhere. But then, you didn’t write the books.

So a new perspective is not possible?

The path is narrow. I wouldn’t advise liberally toying with the instruction manual.

Narrow is the way. Please, James don’t destroy my thread. There may be some out there who can enjoy a new metaphor.

The holy spirit is already within you. All you have to do is recognize it.

Faith is the yeast for spiritual bread.