British social class, test

I got:

This is actually spot on… but I’d like more money to go with that social status, please.

You don’t have to be British to take the test, so see if you’re rating is as accurate as mine?

I received your score as well…upper middle class. Had to chuckle on the strength of my accent question which I scored as a 1. :mrgreen: My accent is literally non-existent.

That you measure your social class by some stupid internet questionnaire tells me all I need to know about what social class you really are.

What part of ‘spot on’ don’t you get?

Do tell me which social class (you think) I really belong in? the options were easy to choose from, and the wording generated… spot on.

You remind me of someone… :-k and it’s very obvious who.

Being a miserable fucker does not a real philosopher make…

I was upper class. shrug

Did you find the resulting wording spot on?

I used to have a slight Caribbean lilt as a kid, a’la Rihanna, but I lost it quite quickly once I’d started school… I now grieve for it, and even try to get it back, but I don’t have the time or the inclination to sustain the attempt. 8-[

I sometimes talk street speak… mainly to amuse myself/my mind, but that’s started to annoy me now, so I think I’ll settle into my natural speak, which I’d say is a neutral North London accent.

What was the wording that your result generated?

Did you find it to be spot on?

Is lumpenproletariat one of the options? :wink:

Take the test and find out. :wink:

They were all English terms, it was gibberish to me…

One question about where I shopped was also all just English and gibberish…

Well… that is the stereotypical upper class remit. I have those remits, but I don’t want to be upper class/posh, coz… as Marlene Dietrich famously said “I vont… to be… alone”, for your life would never be your own, and you would have to be obligated to marry into a family to a match that you aren’t even particularly attracted to (evident… by the amount of broken engagements that that demographic is now suffering from) so that they can marry someone they are attracted to.

I think that being upper class simply makes one a target for others’ whims.

Waitrose and M&S are posh shops (in that order, I think) and the remainder… mainstream, but not necessarily always cheaper on big brand ranges, and I wouldn’t trust their own-brand ranges with respect to toxic ingredients and contaminants.

I chose Sainsburys as the shop.

I am precise with language when I speak, Moreso than an average person. I do this for spiritual protection though

Sainsburys has a pricey celebrity-endorsed range, so probably why it’s still on the Upper’s radar… as does Tesco, but Lidl and Aldi are definitely at the lower end of the spectrum, but such shops are now in vogue for frugality’s sake. Morrisons and Asda are mid-range, and are mainly only found in superstore areas.

I have heard you speak… in your videos, but how does speaking in a measured way aid with spiritual protection? or do you simply mean in a social-buffering sense?

Magsj is Wakandan royalty. Dey be queenz and kangz mayne


The test was for British social class, but you obviously chose to ignore that, for the sake of comedy value… at my expense.

Caribbeans are into the film, but not the whole Wakanda! thing, like your African-Americans seem to be. :wink: They even gave the whole Black Lives Matter thing a go… for one day/one march only, but it didn’t take off beyond that… when they realised that they weren’t a suppressed black nation. :laughing:

…and no more trolling from you.

Class is a more flexible concept compared to more rigid descriptors such as gender and race and nationality
This is why it never shows up on any diversity questionnaires although if it is that important then it ought to

I do not define myself by class as such but if I am required to I would say that I am definitely lower class and always will be too
Absolutely every thing about me is that other than the fact I am a serious reader which is a predominantly middle class activity

I think the two most sophisticated supermarkets are Marks and Spencers and Sainsburys
Then Waitrose and Tesco and Asda and Morrisons and finally Aldi and Lidl at the bottom

I think Mags is a sophisticated individual with excellent standards who wants to better herself even more
Her questionnaire was very accurate and I wish her all the best in climbing the social ladder even higher

I think the North/South divide has replaced the class system, which seems to be much more palatable for today’s modern British climate, but which comes with its own set of arguments… especially in Politics and Manufacturing, for example: talk of moving Parliament permanently up North.


I am not looking for and neither did I ask for, anyone’s approval or commentary on me, but to discuss the issue in a broader view as I have done so above. ^^^

No-one likes being stifled and their shine dulled… which people cannot help but do, so putting one’s mindset out of the hive mind will allow it not to happen, whether that be classified as the class system or not.

I think I simply find the whole thing fascinating… an outsider looking in, but yet involuntarily participating by nomination and curiosity and default. The polemic posturing of Thanethots et al is based on nothing but their desire to ridicule, rather than delve deeper into the topic. … ed_Kingdom