Bunch of questions about God and His ways.

  1. What is to be gained by punishing someone beyond repentance?

  2. Who is in more trouble and needing forgiveness? People astray…or the ones who led them astray?

  3. Is God “good” for the “good”, and “bad” for the “bad”?

  4. What good loving parent would NOT give up their life to protect and save their children from harm or death if nessesary?

  5. Does having the power to punish others for not doing what you want or think they should do, make you “right”?

  6. Can you punish someone who thinks they are doing “right” to such a degree they will be convinced they are “wrong”?

  7. Does anyone know what size engine is in a 2099 mustang GT…could you outsmart someone who does?

  8. Can a Father justify killing or torturing his childen for ANY reason?

  9. Can a Father threaten and beat his children into loving, caring, forgiving adults? can fear bring this about?

  10. Is the winner of a fight “right”? can you kill all your opposers to be “right”? (without stock in bodybag company)

  11. What happens when laws and rules prohibit people from helping one another? Do good people become criminals?

  12. Is a bosses worst nightmare a genius who shares his knowledge for free?

  13. Is “boss” or “master” a term to describe someone who has not completed their job yet?

  14. Is bringing another person up to your level making friends, as well as making your job easier…yet keeping them in the dark to keep control over them and inferior to you making slaves, enemies who are incapable of helping you, themselves, and easing your workload, and hate you for it?

  15. If a 5 year old gave an adult an order…and the adult refused to obey…would the adult be seen as a rebel and displaying a authority problem to the 5 year old?

  16. Can you truly condemn someone for doing something, unless you have done it yourself and found it to be harmful to yourself or others?

  17. Is it wise to make the same mistake over and over again while claiming it is nessesary to do so…yet a solution is “impossible”?

  18. Is killing or destroying people ever a solution to a problem? Can peace be attained killing everyone who opposes your idea of “peace”?

  19. Are we created to be questioning leaders or listening followers?

  20. Can there be higher learning without a higher being?

  21. If you had the power to destroy evil, and did so…would you also be destroying peoples freedom to choose to partake of it? If you did away with Ford Motor Co. Could people still choose to buy a brand new mustang?

  22. What is more important to you…superiority over others…or personal freedom?

  23. What is more powerful? A million dollars or a million friends?

  24. When questioning someone as to why they are doing something the way they are, if they have no good reason, or are following orders unquestioningly themselves, can these questions be used as a powerful weapon to combat ignorance?

  25. Is it nessesary to hate what is bad…so you will never ask for it, if you were allowed anything your heart desires?

  26. Is having faith in something or someone unseen the same a schitzophrenia from a psycoligists viewpoint?

  27. Is “do not judge others” another way of saying mind your own business?

  28. Are police sworn to protect and serve, by intimidating and punishing?

  29. if two two year olds are allowed to have a baby…could they teach their offspring to be adults? Or would they have to find an adult to teach them first, so they could pass along the info to their offspring?

  30. Do we question authority or subordinates or both to find universal answers?

  31. Is security accomplished by sacrificing freedoms?

  32. Why creat something or someone you have no plans or inhieratence for?

  33. Does being the boss or owner mean you are always right? And would you want a subordinate to bring it to your attention if you were wrong?

  34. If satan were appointed judge over the earth could he condemn or punish anyone for their crimes?

  35. Does a parent worship the children, or the children worship the parent?

  36. Decisions a person makes in their lives defines and makes that person who they are? True or false?

  37. Is there a difference between making a mistake without knowing a better way, and knowing a better way yet choosing not to do it?

  38. Does a true leader fold to the pressure of the majority who is and wants to continue to do something he feels is stupid…or stand up for what he feels is right against everyone if nessesary?

  39. Is a good child a obedient robot…or a hyper, imaginative rebel?

  40. Is it wise to put out a fire in the fireplace to prevent your children from getting burned…then scratch your head trying to figure out how they froze to death?

  41. Would jesus be upset if we went over and beyond loving and defending our enemies, and decided to love and defend His enemies as well? Would He tell us to forgive our enemies if He was unwilling or unable to do the same for His?

  42. Does it take any brains or wisdom to destroy or beat up people who disobey you, oppose you, or those trying to overthrow you?

  43. If you author a law book, inmate handbook, or a Bible…and you pass it to those you want to obey it, and those you want to enforce it. And you leave…
    For example, , you say profanity is forbidden.
    Does the individual enforcers get enforce their opinion of what they consider “profanity” is? Does the followers have to modify their behavior to suit each individual enforcers opinion or face punishment? Can the followers ever attain perfection in every enforcers eyes? Or would it be easier to find the author’s opinion of what profanity is to him…and obey that?

  44. Is an easy way to describe politics…like a bunch of people who get hired by promising to fix and find solutions to tough complex problems, then once hired use the position for person gain and benefit, while stalling on the work at hand, even adding a few more problems to the pile, then leaving it for the next one in line to promise to deal with to get hired? And the cycle continues on and on. Where is this going to end up?

Has society as a whole spent too much time studing the Bible, and not enough studing of God and His ways?

Most “god” species do not punish anyone.

More like a vast, subliminal autocracy of function.

Humans are the parents of humans. If a god gave birth to god.jr, then things would be different…

Any super-wise being could come up with a more efficient reprogramming method then assault. Gods which hurt others and force others to do things – are Demon forms, tyrants, despots, etc.

No. Not really. But if a godform pretended to have created humanity, then claimed humanity was his property, it would appear he was hurting his children, but infact he is simply an opressive governer who came, saw and tried to conquer.

A bosses worst night mare is when his workers destroy his business.

Master = Director; one giving direction, one in control.

I’m gunnu stop right here.

“God” is not some semitic basterd who tells everyone how perfect he is and how wrong they all are. The-“God” is the originator of universes, not obsessed or concerned with one of the trillions of planets. Does the-God care about what people do? Not that I know of. It’s like this:
Do you care about the bacteria at the bottom of the ocean? Do you tell them to worship you and serve you? Nope.

Earth isn’t the center of the universe.

Where did he go?

3 posts and then that’s it?..


(if that is your real name)


People LET themselves be led astray. (whatever that means… Are you sure you’re not being led astray?)

god is whatever the owner wants.

the nihilist. Or the liberal. But hey, they’re practically the same these days.

Having power does not make you right, it just means you have might. That’s why it’s important for those that are truly right, not to become self sanctimonious, or self-defeating (like so many liberals) and destroy OURSELVES.

Absolutely. The social conservatives do it all the time when they try performing reparative therapy on homosexuals.

No one can predict the future, see my signature.



If you have the greatest might, then you by default are always going to be “right”.

That doesn’t make you good.

Under the system of law, yes.

well, I would say yes. If you are paying that person to develop brilliant ideas for you, and he gives them away to a competitor for free, it’d be akin to the corporate world treason. I would fire his ass, and make sure no one else would ever want to hire him. If he is developing ideas for someone who isn’t competing? I still think it’s sanctimonious on his part, but perhaps less fireable.

uh, no, that’s a term to describe the person for which you grovel to get your paycheck. Unless you are one of those terms.

Someone is only a slave if they work for free, and without self will. (I.e., you force them to work for you through blackmail, coercion, violence, etc.)

The 5 year old HAS NO AUTHORITY over the parent.

You don’t have to try jumping off a cliff without a parachute to know it’s stupid.

it’s completely retarded to make the same mistake over and over again, wisdom implies learning, if you hit your head twice on the same beam, it shows that you’ve failed to learn to duck.

yes, and sometimes it is a necessity. I.E. if the opposing side is throwing human fodder with bombs strapped to their chest, for their vision of peace.

some are born leaders, but most are MADE followers. But, KNOWING when to follow orders is important. Even the smartest and wisest leader, knows when to accept the advice of someone else.

Yes, but you’d be stumbling through the dark trying to find the answers.

if that evil is threatening the free will of the world, is it really such a bad thing to destroy it? For instance, if that evil Ford Motor company is trying to be THE only choice for consumers, is it healthy for the consumer to leave it in place?

personal freedoms.

It depends on if the million friends all have the same viewpoint and would be willing to combine their efforts for action. If each friend had a 1 dollar, they are as useful as the million dollars.

no, because the ignorant don’t realize they are being ignorant.

I think so… If not hatred towards it, you must dislike it.

only if it interferes with your normal daily routine.

probably, but unfortunately it’s not realistic. If your neighbor is beating his wife, you have to step in to protect her. She will probably be upset at you at first, but will come to realize it is for the best.

Police are fascist. The authoritarian part of our government sets up freedom limiting laws and then tells the police to enforce them by any means necessary.

Sometimes people do need protection. If a madman storms into your house with uzi’s, you’re going to want someone to come and take the guy out.

Since that’s not even biologically possible, I don’t know if it’s worth asking in that way. If a 10 - 16 year old had a baby would they be able to properly raise a child? probably not, since they themselves are still a child. I would daresay that most adults don’t have the capabilities to properly raise children.

how does questioning authority give us answers?

According to ben franklin, “those who sacrifice freedom for security will have neither”. When you sacrifice freedom for security, you yourself become LESS secure. The government (or whoever is doing the “securing”) knows more about us, and we have no secrets… having secrets, is part of being “secure”.

The real issue isn’t security, it’s safety. This is gonna sound racist, but if you want to stop possible plane hijackings, it’s fairly obvious that you NEED to profile, and not pull an 87 year old grandma out of the line, to look like you are not.

For immortality.

yes, and no. As a subordinate if you don’t learn that the boss is always right, you will not advance. The boss will only accept criticism from an equal.

i don’t know, he’s imaginary.

neither. and if they do, they don’t understand the true nature of love.

According to Samuel Clemens, “When you are old, you will not regret what you have done, but what you have not tried.” We define ourselves by what we haven’t done.

absolutely, if you make a mistake and KNOW you are doing it wrong, it’s negligence.

if that leader is voted in, he’ll fold to the majority. If he’s a dictator he’ll do what he feels is right, regardless of the cost on “his people”.

a child should think for themself, AND listen to the advice of his/her parents. If you don’t teach your children to think for themselves, (you’re always their telling them what not to do) then someone else will do the thinking for them.

This is related to 39, every child needs to burn their hands on the stove once to learn that it is hot, if they do not learn that it is hot… they will not get far.

jesus is imaginary too. and if your enemies are gassing your friends, is it really wise to love them?

it takes about as much brains as spanking a “disobedient” child.

if it’s like the bible, it’ll be open to interpretation. That’s why it’s important to have a seperation of church and state

That’s a good description of the modern day politician in America and many other countries. Since the “problems” benefit them, why change and fix them?

yes, any amount of studying of “god” is impossible.

Who cares?