But Demmies, wasnt the border crisis an invention by Trump?

I am not an American, but since a long time ago I have read about the serious human trafficking problem at the Southern US borders that brought along the drugs, gangs, all sort of evil crimes with it.
I’ve read it is not only illegal immigrants from Central and South America, but also those from all over the world coming tru the Southern Borders via Mexican coyotes, Italian Mafia, Chinese Snakeheads, etc.

I believe it is very irresponsible and stupid for a Nation not to have serious border controls in view of its terrible consequences of evils and violence for that country, especially in the case of the USA.

Noting the serious evil consequences and complains arising from illegal immigration at the Southern border, Trump took the opportunity to adopt the building of a wall to control illegal immigration as an election promise. I believe any politician in any country will do that as promise [whether the carry out the promise] to win elections.

I understand the current opposition, the Democrats’ strategy is to allow loads of immigration into the country because they believe [based on confidence or past experiences] these immigrants will vote for them. Therefore the Democrats’ strategy will not give attention to building a more effective wall to control illegal immigration.

I don’t believe Trump is the problem in this case of controlling illegal immigration which is the responsibility of good governance.
I believe it is the selfish interests of the Democrats in wanting more illegal immigrants to increase their chances of winning elections is the real hindrance for bipartisan co-operation in building an effective wall all to control the Southern border.

I understand the building of the wall is costly but if both sides can co-operate [impossible in the current situation] then they can research, discuss and deliberate to find an optimal cost effective solution.

Much as I have no love for Trump, Democratic presidents have supported building more wall. And Hilary C. as a SEnator did the same…

All Trump was doing was aiming for a complete barrier, iow a difference in degree or thoroughness.

Though regarding the OP, there were specific accusations about how the Trump admin was causing specific problems at the border through specific processes and lack of action. I don’t know if they are correct, but the Democrats criticisms, as presented in the OP, are not really dealt with in the OP. It was not simply a ‘hey you’re not doing anything about the problem.’ IOW the OP is a strawman without getting into the specfic charges.

Trump invented the border crisis? Hm?

So there was no border issues before 2016. Interesting.

I guess drugs, money, weapons, terrorism, gangs, countless low skill workers driving down wages for everyone else, and human sex trafficking managed to appear right in 2016 and not before. I’ll wait for the CNN headline on that. Wouldn’t surprise me to see such a headline, in fact.

The real crisis is the fact that for once someone at least seems to want to do something about those aforementioned problems. I guess the system isn’t too happy about that and neither are the millions of slaves the system breeds out of TV screens.

The delusion is real. Real enough to make a lot of people think that “nothing is going on” and never has been. Dems like open borders because of votes and destabilizing the host culture’s integrity thus making transitions to collectivism and leftism easier, while Reps like open borders for cheap labor to keep the wages market artificially low. I mean this isn’t rocket science.

Of course it is Reps who blocked action ok botder security from 2016-2018, when they had full congressional power. Both sides playing the middle. Glad I don’t live anywhere near that border. I’d be interested to hear from some people who do live near it. I’d imagine they have some stories to tell.