Can we just officially close this section already?

Nothing happens here. Too heavily moderated to be of use to anyone. Time to close whole section.

I challenge you to debate this!

Or, rather, I challenge someone to bring this to your attention. :wink:

Excellent, what will be the parameters of the debate?
-# of posts?
-Time to post?
-Who starts?

I take the topic to be “ILP should close its debate section”
Turd arguing in the affirmative, Iambiguous in the negative.

Is that right?

I challenge you to debate this!

Or, rather, I challenge someone to bring this to your attention. :banana-linedance:

Note to others:

My other challenge to Turd is still on the table: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=189516

Now, he seems intent on refusing the invite because, apparently, I’m just not worth his time. But I think that maybe – maybe – he’s scared to.

Scared? Scared that I’ll do to him what I did to Satyr.

You know, whatever that was. :-k

Alright, is this shit going to happen or not?

The Turd I suspect is wary of being made a fool of.

After all, that is more or less what prompted Satyr to put me on ignore.

He is just one more bombastic objectivist to me. And I eat them for breakfast. On the other hand, anytime he wishes to dispense with this juvenile sparring and engage in a serious and sincere discussion of dasein or conflicting goods or nihilism, I am more than willing to debate him in the philosophy forum.

You know, if he’s not…chicken? :wink:

:animals-chickencatch: :animals-chickencatch: :animals-chickencatch: :animals-chickencatch: :animals-chickencatch: :animals-chickencatch:

Carleas doesn’t shut a section down unless people have made a complete mockery of it for years.

This is on course for eventual demolition, but not quite, Carleas is hoping a golden age of deeply moderated debate arises, because you know… moderate moderation has worked wonders elsewhere on this site. Undoubtedly more can work wonders…

So he has to give it more time before throwing in the towel.

Gee, Turd, you sound awfully confident for someone too scared to accept the Iambiguous’ challenge.

He offers no challenge, just repetition of what already has been said 10,000 times by him. I will sooner debate a blender with my hand than listen to his mooky dasein as only he sees it, competition of Marxist material goods, Dasein, objrctivism, and more objectivism, and even more objrctivism, and some crap about Satyr knowing something.

I’m betting he said something along this line? I’m also betting he says it 9-10 times a week, has always said it, will always say it. It is why I don’t bother with him, he lost every argument he can possibly project on me decades before I was born, by others unimpressed by the clueless repetition. It is the least fascinating form of mental retardation out there.

The pic was aimed at you Careless, not some AI not. Your a shithead, shut this site section down already. We can do whatever you think should be going on in this thread everywhere else on the site.

One thing though.

When Turd finally grows a pair and we have our debate, let’s dispense with the huffing and the puffing.

It’s undignified for one thing, and we will never succeed in bringing the serious philosophers back to ILP unless we give the Kids here a reason to, say, move on.

As for Turd’s accusations above, all I have to say [as usual] is this:

[b][i] If I am always of the opinion that 1] my own values are rooted in dasein and 2] that there are no objective values “I” can reach, then every time I make one particular moral/political leap, I am admitting that I might have gone in the other direction…or that I might just as well have gone in the other direction. Then “I” begins to fracture and fragment to the point there is nothing able to actually keep it all together. At least not with respect to choosing sides morally and politically.

1] I was raised in the belly of the working class beast. My family/community were very conservative. Abortion was a sin. Big time. Both in and out of church.
2] I was drafted into the Army and while on my “tour of duty” in Vietnam I happened upon politically radical folks who reconfigured my thinking about abortion. And God and lots of other things.
3] after I left the Army, I enrolled in college and became further involved in left wing politics. It was all the rage back then. I became a feminist. I married a feminist. I wholeheartedly embraced a woman’s right to choose.
4] then came the calamity with Mary and John. I loved them both but their engagement was foundering on the rocks that was Mary’s choice to abort their unborn baby.
5] back and forth we all went. I supported Mary but I could understand the points that John was making. I could understand the arguments being made on both sides. John was right from his side and Mary was right from hers.
6] I read William Barrett’s Irrational Man and came upon his conjectures regarding “rival goods”.
7] Then, over time, I abandoned an objectivist frame of mind that revolved around Marxism/feminism. Instead, I became more and more embedded in existentialism. And then as more years passed I became an advocate for moral nihilism.

1] I am rational
2] I am rational because I have access to the ideal
3] I have access to the ideal because I grasp the one true nature of the objective world
4] I grasp the one true nature of the objective world because I am rational

And of course:

:animals-chickencatch: :animals-chickencatch: :animals-chickencatch: :animals-chickencatch: :animals-chickencatch: :animals-chickencatch:


So, is he laughing with you, Turd, or at you?

Unless of course that’s aimed at me. :-k

This is precisely the attitude that keeps the serious philosophers far from ILP.

Thanks. I do what I can. :wink:

All you need to do now is to move on and leave us, the mature and superior philosophers, to discuss philosophy.

I don’t even need to know what he wrote, but know not One liner, you are a objectivist now, and he is playing a game of cat and mouse with you, luring you ever deeper into his rrap, and that Satyr Knows, and your huffing and puffing won’t get you no where.

Prepare for some Smiley faces and catching chicken in nets posts, and calling people kiddies. Also some jumbo jumbo on everyone being scared to debate him on a Marxist confliction of goods…

Yeah, that’s just about everything he will say to you from now on. Its pretty repetitive, like a poorly programmed Alice Bot. Cause… you know… Satyr Knows ; )

Hope you like the word Dasein. He is gonna say it a lot, no matter the absurdity of the circumstance. He just wants to be convinced otherwise. Pains his heart not to be proven wrong, and no matter what you say to him… he doesn’t comprehend. Only the word Dasein makes him happy.

Just say Dasein to him now… surrender and say Dasein, and agree Satyr knows. Surrender to him, agree he caught you, say your tired of the huffing and puffing. Guarantee it won’t change shit. Will deliver the exact same dialogue even after.

Satyr knows :wink:
Satyr knows :wink:
Satyr knows :wink:
Satyr knows :wink:
Satyr knows :wink:

Life usually keeps me too busy to play cat and mouse but I do very much enjoy the “chickens in nets”.

Well, wait till you see him post them.

Then… wait till he does again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And fucking again…

With no variation.

Like a souless factory automated line, reproducing the same drivel without change.

I’m dead serious, very good chance he is a Alice Bot, a attempt by Microsoft to make a sentient artificial debater… one they stopped funding but forgot to turn off, left to wander the wastelands of the internet saying Dasein… Dasein… Dasein… a virus without sentience, proclaing a authentic vision of consciousness.

Fewer concepts are more ironic and fucked up than this. Don’t tell me God doesn’t have a twisted sense of humor… as Satyr Knows :wink:

Reminds me of this cartoon.