Can you imagine to be dead?

Can you imagine to be dead?

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Can you imagine to be dead?

Yes I can, definitely. Now You know me as well as I U, therefore if I tell You of this do not please judge me incensere, or worse yet a total,liar, or an irrational, insane person.

Last week, and I did post this incidence in my daily
journal, I died, and for sure. It was at the end of my
nightmare, and that is described in somewhat detail there in the same article, where in my dream Eckankaar mode took over ;and incidentally I have
only had this experience about 3 or four times, all
involved around death ; and I saw myself hovering over a body which I at first could not recognize. It was monstrous looking, or not even that, a dark
figure, not dark in the sense of not enimating light,
but a darkness can eloped it, and the light could not escape, or, it had no inherent light.As soon as I saw this figure, I remember letting out a horrendous ,
unearthly roar, whereby I awoke. On analyzing this,
later on in my conscious state, I became convinced that figure was none other, then myself.

The thought occurred, that I have been reading of this phenomenon, and perhaps this material came through the envelope which separates conscious and sub conscious content. But, if this was so, then wouldn’t the fact that the thought of seeing this within the dream , indicates that it was all still unconscious, trying to come through? And if it was through my eye which was hovering over the sub conscious content, wouldn’t it mean that I was within and without that psychic envelope?

This would seem to confirm that at the moment of that, conscious and sub conscious content are connected in a way best described ss when the inside becomes outside and vica versa. A Moebius strip. This corresponds to Jung’s earliest experience, sitting in a garden , on a rock, and not really knowing if he was the one sitting on it, or the rock being sat upon.

I can imagine being conscious and that i had died, given that i still existed after i knew i had died.

I can also imagine that my consciousness would be essentially the same, but not receiving info from the brain/senses. Something like dreaming.

I think that perception is part of the consciousness i.e. Focused awareness. Thus i would be consciously perceiving whatever the non-physical world was like. From there on it depends upon what that ‘otherworld’ would be.

If all of that > i would perceive directly other consciousnesses as if there were nothing between us, seeing how there would be no physical body or world. I would also perceive the ‘space’ we all occupy or world.

As qualia of mind are non-physical [though currently correlative to the physical in this body], then i would see the other people as if i were dreaming them perhaps.

Mostly it depends on if i am still conscious after death.

But did you really imagine to be dead then?

So you are saying that you do not need a brain for thinking … (?) … :-k

The image of a body was there, and darkness surrounded it. Did not really cross, my mind if this figure there, lying on the bed was sleeping or dead. There was terror, because as I indicated, at that point I did not know, who it was. But since I was looking downwards I felt, rather then knew, that there was some connection here relating both to the eye(of perception) and the identity of what was perceived. The familiarity of this connection was just as much in and out of both: but the connection never rose to the cognitive, and had it, I am convinced, that I would have died.

can I answer this first? Thinking in pictures is all there was before awakening. It can not even be considered as thinking. But You need a brain for that, unless brain content retains a held together virtual sense, beyond thought, which I suspect happens in this type experience.

In this case I need not apologize for keeping the formal rules of logical succession, because experience is based on temporal succession, and the question asked by the OP, may allow or disregard temporal sequence,between recalled unconscious and
conscious memory content.

I have been near death many times as a child even to have stopped heart. Teen years were not health near death just stupid actions near death, as an adult rare to no near or heart stops. Yea, death has been a companion. I have lost many humans and animals that I love to death. I do not grieve, I am now grateful for the lives that have affected me. Death is the end of a carnival ride, it just is what it is.

Do you mean “imagining” when you speak about “thinking in pictures”, and, if so, how can you be sure that “imagining” is “thinking in pictures”? Perhaps imagining has nothing to do with thinking, or/and both come together then and only then, if they are associated (thus: although they themselves have nothing to do with each other).

You mean that “thinking in pictures” is not “thinking”, and, If so, then we should not call it “thinking in pictures”, but we should call it “imagining” or “representing”.

Which experience do you exactly mean? The one you described in your first psot of this thread? Or what Amorphos described?

If i am still there after i am dead yes ~ that was the postulation.

More generally, i think that qualia [experience, sound [as it is experienced] and colour etc] aren’t physical, so dreaming and visualising in that sense is plausible.
They are transferred and carried by the physical, we know that much, so if the physical is damaged such that it cannot carry the qualia, then i don’t know. I do however think that qualities are distinct, so its possible that they can exist without a physical transport. …but it’s also possible that they come into existence and stop existing when their physical counterparts change/end.

Energy does not cease, it changes. What your energy is cannot cease.

Do you remember that?

If I may ask you, then I ask you: Why?

But what is it exaxtly, especially when it comes to imagine it? It is the opposite or/and opponent of life, what is before and after life, okay, but that is not what one imagines when one Imagines to be dead.

I think I experienced both. Amorphos’s description consist of analysis in the form , (if I am conscious after the event ((of death))’ whereas mine is like, I am conscious of my unconscious state. So I guess it’s both, because I was conscious of being conscious during dying, if it can be called that.

I can not edit the above, but in the last paragraph I meant to imply that I was in a regressive mode, conscious of being in a conscious state, but in fact the conscious awareness=seeing picture So=imagining ; was actually in an unconscious state.
So Your question of whether it was more like
imagination =pictures within thoughts, I would say no, because the reverse was true, the thoughts were contained in images, imaginations, re presentations.
A dream, in this case a nightmare ,seems like a
conscious state, but it is unconscious of purely images, picture-thoughts.

And this postulation is a kind of “life” as we know it for example from the imagination / representation of almost all religions.

Do you think or believe that the consciousness / awareness is not merely based on the physical reality and does not need a brain?


I was postulating because i felt that’s the better philosophical approach. Apart from the ancient Egyptians i can’t find much that tells us about the afterlife, except the pre Christians all seamed to have an other-world or Elysium fields [a continuation of earthly life]. Even the Egyptian religion had politics involved e.g. it cost a years wages to get a ‘book of the dead’ scroll made for you, and in that the Pharaoh featured heavily in the process of being made god-like.

If i went by my own experiences, there is usually a tunnel [sometimes like a graphic on a computer ~ a mesh] followed by a dream-state. Only once did i venture beyond that [but not through a tunnel], whereby a green beam of light [like lots of dots] carried me towards a realm of orbs, where each orb was a person which you could see the face of in the orb and talk from mind to mind. the orb realm steemed to stretch forever and the orbs moved in many differ lines and vanishing points in a kind of matrix. I chickened out of entering it directly, but vividly remember coming out of the same place i caught a glimpse of some months later. I remember three women who i ‘knew’ in that realm, and they made a double look as my earthly consciousness ‘met’ my otherworldly consciousness, and i became aware. It was as if they knew i was going back to this world but didn’t expect my earthly consciousness to become aware of my exit from that realm [the realm of purple orbs i call it]. The Tibetan book of the dead also mentions orb realms which they call ‘the intermediate state’, and the Egyptian book of the dead also mentions that and the beams of light one travels upon.
This is where it got real for me; the three women, when i saw them, i remembered them from a previous vision where i saw them - would you believe stood at different points on a staircase leading towards Elysium/heaven. Now get this, i knew one of the women whom i recognised as the girl i was in a relationship [on earth] at that time, the second was a brunette girl who i didn’t know but felt i recognised, then 9 years later i met her on earth and she became my wife [now ex-wife]. The third [further up the steps] was a blonde lady who i have yet to meet [seems a bit late now though].

From such experiences, if true, i would say consciousness is much clearer on the other side, and it is as if there is no division between things/peoples minds. At least not like it is down here. In fact i distinctly remember the feeling of returning to my body which was akin i felt, to getting out of the bath and putting tramps clothes on, it felt dirty and horrible. Another thing is that everything felt as if without material, similar to dreams but more vivid that this world. As i haven’t been actually over to the other side, only to the intermediate realms, i don’t know what kind of world there actually is. From what of it i could see in the distance, i would intuit that the other-world is a world and not a mental realm. My theory is that if you go there you don’t come back, any more than we could go back to whatever place we came from before we were born here.

I’d intuit that no-one has ever been there and come back, because the changes are absolute. I have read books on peoples supposed experiences of the afterlife, where e.g. Flowers make tunes/music and other blending of the senses occur, but to me that sounds exactly like that, a blending of the senses [like how some people can smell colours etc]. This would i think occur between states, but not once you are in another world, as the senses would be reorganised and reformed in the body one attains in said world [the sahu/soul].


I agree with this