Can you make this my avatar?

Even if you returned my avatar rights to me, I still wouldn’t know how to get this up, I only recently mastered saving and posting photos to the web and screenshots.

I think this would make a excellent avatar.

You’re welcome. =;

Turd, some appreciation for the avatar would be nice. Took me four whole minutes to make it for you.

You on the toilet looking like Jesus on steroids

That would make an interesting avatar. Would Carleas approve?

He would have to because there is just no reason for him not to

I had a pic of me on the toilet in my red shirt and tie dye shirt, brown suit for years, until I was told I was just like Zizek… and I asked innocently “Who is Zizek” and found out… Thatcock sucker never could carry a tie dye shirt as part of a suit like I could, you gotta be fucking awesome to do that.

Now I don’t use it anymore except in none philosophical situations.

See, distinctively not Jesus like.

Joker… I gotta figure out how to make this my avatar first, people don’t get that I really didn’t know how to do it before, I asked for help, nobody helped. Notice I don’t gave one on your website or even my own?

I’m gonna see if I can get it up on your site first. If successful, I will try it here. Last time, I was clicking randomly through pics trying to figure out which was the one I uploaded, I couldn’t see, was pissing me off, kept telling me the parameters were off if I didn’t upload it.

The dimension parameters for images on ILP is 130X130. At my forum it is 150X200.

Make sure to post the link in the off website link section changing your avatar.

The serial killer look does not suit you Turd. You actually manage to look more natural and less
dangerous as Jesus on steroids. And so that is the mental image I shall have of you from now on

I got a haircut and beard trim, now I look like a Jedi Knight from a video game I used to play.

I just tell the barber to cut it however they want, and she turned me into a Jedi.

I used to look like Emperor Augustus. Now I’m just a Jedi. Or Jesus on Steroids. Nobody is attracted to me though. Suks. Sctually, very little sucking goes on. Whick Suks… despite no Suks, which Suks…

Because you look like a serial killer. This is not how to pick up women. Why not have gender
reassignment and get yourself a vagina and then become a lesbian if you are that desperate

Because, I’m not Trixie, and that only makes sense to Trixie.

I grow a beard cause I’m too lazy to shave everyday, my hair style is a feathered look because I refuse to comb it, and I refuse relationships because I’m too cheap and poor to afford knocking up a woman by accident.

How the fuck is running around getting time consuming, absurd surgeries done like a Butt-gina gonna work for me? I already got a fucking hole back there, free to explore if I so choose. No need to reshape that shit into a labia. All I need is anal leakage glistening all over my cheeks every time I eat Mexican. If I don’t shave, what makes you think I’m in a position to constantly tend to a vagina? Especially one I can’t see without mirrors positioned just right? That’s just needlessly complicated.

I was being ironic but if you really are desperate you could always use a prostitute
Or you could get free sex from an internet site. So you do not have to be celibate

A prostitute can get knocked up like any woman, and even if I just went oral, I might get attached. Nobody is gonna like a man in a fledgling business with the grand ambition to move into a van, and drop most of his earnings on a piece of tech that otherwise doesn’t exist unless I build it right…

That shit gets women so damn hot. I can’t keep them off me.

I just gotta avoid them, till I’m done. Period. I would be very, very unhappy in any relationship, seeing a ambulance pull up down the street, seeing them pick up another overdose body, because I chose love over my community. Not if I can change it. Love isn’t perhaps a worthwhile thing if I gotta turn against who I otherwise am at my very best. Prostitutes can’t solve that. No quick fix.

Prostitute yourself for goodness…

Everyone is a prostitute