Canada has declared this group to be a terrorist group

in Canada, they have declared the “Proud boys” a domestic terror group…

I hope we do the same here and then include any white supremist group
like the GOP and the KKK, as domestic terrorist organization…


thank fuck the US has such things as the right to free speech and assembly

K: so, which part of the attack upon the capital by groups such as the “proud boys”
falls under free speech or the right to “peacefully assembly?”

if you attack the capital building in the hopes of overthrowing the government,
a coup attempt as it were, then how is that free speech? or how is that a
“peaceful assembly?”

unless you stretch the meaning of the words, free speech to include the violent
attack upon the United States of America and somehow stretch the meaning of
“Peaceful assembly”, to include violent insurrection, you don’t really have a leg
to stand on in this case… banning has nothing to do with free speech or the
right to “peacefully assemble”… and had everything to do with the violent
attempt to overthrow the government…

now the second little piece of this puzzle is the fact that, despite popular
belief such as yours, Canada and America are two different countries
with different set of laws and practices…

I cannot speak to what is Canada policy is on free speech or on popular assembly…
I simply don’t know enough of Canada’s laws to make any determination as to
if this is legal or not…I only know that they have banned the group the “proud boys”
and I would ask that America does the same based on the fact that the “proud boys”
were willing and able participants in the attempted coup of American’s government…
their attacks on the nations capital wasn’t about free speech and it wasn’t about
“peaceful assembly”…so don’t get fooled into making this a free speech or a
peaceful assembly issue…it isn’t…


The breach of the US Capital has all of the earmarks of a typical US CIA sting operation designed in advance to shirt blame onto Mr Trump - and is playing out in the exact fashion - despite no evidence at all - exactly like the Ukraine phone call and the Russia Hoax.

Secretly create an incident and point media fingers and attention at the target.

Get used to. Now that they have MSM, and US Congress behind them and have finally succeeded at overthrowing the US government - they are never gong to stop using it to get people to hate and attack whoever they want.

K: ummmm, I see observe going all the way into crazy town… I hope he finds his way
back to sanity…but we will see…


Psycho that shit was planned on parler in broad daylight, and Trump et al encouraged it. They did everything short of outright screaming “storm the Capitol”. Then the idiots who did it literally filmed themselves, and the video is out there for the whole world to see, from literally thousands of angles. Then a good chunk of these morons straight up told on themselves…publicly.

How the fuck can you be so delusional as to concoct this crazy, far fetched conspiracy rather than to look at what is happening directly in front of you?

Cell videos from the idiots themselves, posted online are not main stream media bruh. Get your head right. Something is legit wrong with you.

Communists like Kropotkin, BLM, and Antifa are the real terrorists in this country.

Those who support them, are also terrorists. We also see that on this forum as their side threatens violence because they cannot argue rationally.

members of ANY organization
who conspire to commit violence
and break laws
are subject to answering for it

that does not mean that the organization
does not have the right to speak and assembly

really don’t know what the fuck is up with you lately kropo
supposedly an intelligent person
cheering and praising loss of individual freedom
loss of rights that are supposed to be inalienable
like it’s a good thing

K: ah, I am sure you might even believe this big lie, but just keep on repeating
it until someone else believes it…that is how a big lie works, you just keep
on repeating the lie long enough and it becomes a “truth”…


…are subject to going to jail for it.

In jail?

You may say: it’s only members of the organization committing the crime, not the organization. Well, for a terrorist group, it’s the organization conspiring and calling for the violence.

It would be like accusing Walmart of trying to offer low prices, and then Walmart’s defenders saying that it was only their cashiers who were offering the low prices.

That storming of Capital Hill… or whatever it’s called, looked very staged to me…

I can always spot when something looks bait… and it looked bait.

Like political parties never stage scenarios. :icon-rolleyes:

Yeah because pro Trump groups definitely weren’t talking about it online for months. #-o

Seriously, I want whatever you guys are having, sounds potent.

What people don’t realize is that you have a lot of moral nihilist bad actors on the world stage. Not all moral nihilists are bad actors. The moral nihilist bad actor club is a real thing… they want absolute control and use power, secrecy and false flags to get the job done. Trump is one of those people BTW.

It’s ridiculous that people think the narrative of trump vs. swamp is a real thing …

It’s fucking show folks.

I even know psychologically why people do this…

They want order to the chaos, chaos is scary. It even scares me. I just have a different approach to it rather than creating propaganda to make a robot human species.

Is it fair to say that BLM and Antifa
are terrorist organizations
that conspire to destroy public and private property
and kill cops?

i wouldn’t think so
i think they are a movement
speaking for what they believe
speaking their truth to power
as is their right to do
in a free fucking society

when a protest gets out of hand
and shit gets broken and people hurt
there has to be accountability for that

even more so
if it becomes proven
that people among them conspired ahead of time
by talking about committing those actions
by preparing explosive and inflammatory materials
and bringing them along to the protests

those people are subject to the law
but the group MUST NOT BE SILENCED

also appalled at vonrivers
for taking the defense side
of this kind of precedent
a federal decision
on what subjects get to be spoken about

Let’s delve deeper into this:

So that CIA (by the way, I think there are much more secret cabals than the CIA pulling these strings, but let’s just assume it’s the CIA for arguments sake)

Anyways… the CIA created 3 movements (the swamp) to cast doubt on trump deniers and effectively divided the country with these false flag movements to make trump look like a victim (trump is a psychopath by the way - that’s how a psychopath works - and by the way, almost every human on earth is a psychopath)

So here’s little ol’ trump being the aggressor posing as the victim.

But here’s the deal…

Is the CIA making it look like trump is the hero or the villain ?

Is storming the capital because of trump or just to make trump look bad?

Nobody knows.

And that’s the beauty of this operation: to confuse and divide.

You know… they say that conspiracy theories are formed by the mind to make people feel comfort that it’s not all just chaos. That’s fine, and also very true. BUT ! People actually do conspire, for the same reason people have conspiracy theories… they’re both terrified of chaos.

You’re a troll.

You “hope” the US designates MILLIONS of Americans as possible TERRORISTS… The hypocrisy and moral grandstanding is nauseating… Imagine trying to claim the moral high ground and be a voice of “reason” while you cheer on the predatory targeting of Americans by corrupt, agenda-driven federal agencies. Talk about a sheep in wolf’s clothing (not that Peter K is a wolf)… Peter K is just another example of a liberal who cloaks his true desire for blood in the white-laced language of pseudo innocence. Of course, I’m sure he is aware of what he is doing… thus my designation of him as a troll.

To be clear, NO ONE can wage a war without being complicit WITH terror (i.e. you can’t wage a war ON terror without being complicit with it yourself… I’m sure the actual phrasing of “the war on terror” is just meant to further confuse and create even more chaos, adding only a further psychological element of terror to the already terrible nature of war). However, since war IS becoming more psychological in nature, I suppose it makes sense that the “war on terror” would finally turn inwards towards the home itself.

Still bait. =;

in this thread
grown ass people
in a free country
acting like civil disobedience just got invented

The issue is that people like Peter K want all “civil disobedience” which does not agree with their political views to be designated as “terrorism.” Being designated a terrorist means all your Constitutionally protected rights gets instantly stripped away. Nothing then stands between you and the crushing power of the state. What’s most cringe worthy is how people like Peter K collectively give themselves a pat on the back ( as if they were standing up to the bad guys! ) as they virtue-signal for the consolidation of governmental powers (which will just as likely be used against them). It’s like watching a demented parade of imbeciles honking their horns for peace, love and unity as they march towards totalitarianism… And they find all this “fabulous!” (exclaimed with a gay lisp)