Canadian Minister of Defense Says 4 Species of Aliens

I know the title isn’t a sentence. … nment.html

It’s one of the insights rising from value ontology, that people will inevitably remain closed off to things they can not process to fit the terms of their own self-respect, self-love, self-acceptance, ‘self-valuing’. It’s not a revolutionary idea, but that doesn’t make it less true. It’s near absolute. You can not get a person to think about something that would undermine his most precious feelings.

As is included in the link:

“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.” -Frantz Fanon

(I don’t know who Frantz Fanon is, but he’s right)

I am not really shocked by any of this - looking at the number of testimonies since Roswell, it would be very weird if none of this were true - besides, standing on my friends rooftop in lower Manhattan it’s not rare to see strange objects cruising the skies and suddenly disappearing - what I am concerned with is whether humans deserve to be subjected by shadow governments and kept in the dark about most anything that matters in terms of power, or whether they have it in them to know power and reality.

It’s a numbers game, I suppose. It’s certain that the greater part of humans aren’t different from toddlers, they believe what their parent-figures tell them to believe. I suppose this is biologically inevitable. What’s entirely uncertain is the degree, the ratio, of this number set against the number of those who aren’t interested in being told what to believe, those who have a taste for finding things out.

It seems to me that the number of the last category is increasing slightly. It may become an interesting decade, the one ahead of us. I’ve been predicting, based on (your :smiley: cue) astrology, that by the end of 2023, a new paradigm of social justice will be put in place. Whether this will mean total dictatorship and acceptance of it, or something like a level of self-determining power granted to individuals and communities, remains to be seen, but it’ll be one or the other. The current state, wherein civil liberties are eradicated and those who are subjected by this are violently expelling those who try to make them aware of it, is temporary, I’m sure. It’s effectively a war, a war for the mind - you could call it a war in heaven - I think this is what that term is a metaphor for.

Nice times ahead.

This wouldn’t shock me however it still leaves us with the end game.
Every living thing has an end game, be it waiting for death or as Nietzsche says
“the will to power” or some variation of the survival of the fittest, every single life form
has an end game, so what is the end game here? Wait until we are ready and announce
the arrival of aliens or to take over the earth and steal it resources, manipulation
of earthlings for some unknown reason? What is the end game?


They aren’t different species. Humans can mate with them.

Awesome! I want to believe. I’m gonna take your word on that.

He was Minister of National Defense in 1963.

He is now 89 years old. He made those statements in April/May 2013.

It’s about time that he made them, then.

I think what he’s saying is that the guy wasn’t speaking in the capacity of a Minister of Defense, he was merely a guy who believes in UFOs who happened to previously be the Minister of Defense a very long time ago. I think that’s an important thing to point out, personally. IMO it drastically changes the credibility of what’s being said. Changes it from being a situation in which a guy with inside knowledge is telling the world this amazing truth, to a situation in which a guy is just a UFO enthusiast like any other UFO enthusiast and is talking about believing in UFOs. The former I would consider spectacular evidence and a very important thing to have been said, the latter…just normal.

I’m with FJ. The guy came across as paranoid, without inside information, and partly delusional. I don’t trust his account.

But I do believe in the existence of extraterrestrial alien civilizations far exponentially advanced than humanity.

That is true.

It is near absolute but not absolute, certainly.

That is more or less true but a thumb rule only. There would be always a certain class which would challenge themselves and others also. Two very prominent names spring to the mind; Kant and Einstein. Both of them not only challenge others but themselves also.

The whole of the present knowledge earned by mankind so far is just because of that some of us were ready to undermine their most precious feelings. If that was not the case, then we would have not been much different from an Stone Age even now.

FC, i see a slight difference between self valuing and ego ( though, do not know how you see it). you are right that, more often than not, people do not want to undermine their precious feelings.

Agree with that.

The reason is psychological. After a certain point, beliefs tends to become some sort of identity. And, this identity is earned through being stick with a particular belief for quite long. So, when someone other challenges it, one sees it as the other one is stealing his hard earned wealth. This is philosophical or intellectual egoism.

Self valuing is something different. Though, it is open to be defined. Yet, as i see it, it can be defined in two ways.

[b]Judging the own self ; How one use to think about himself
Adding to the own self ; how one use to add further value to himself

self valuing does not mean that one should value himself more than others. That is either ego or selfishness. Self valuing (should) mean how can one make himself more valuable. But, this cannot be possible, unless and until, one is not ready to be critical of himself.

Self valuing= enhancing the value of the self by adding more value.[/b]

As i said earlier, that is what happens in the most of the cases.

keeping in the dark is not important, the real issue is something else. It is more about dependence.

I would like to interpret it differently.

As we all know that there is law of inertia in physics, which means that no object ever change its condition, unless and until, some outside force is applied to it. This law is not applicable to merely physical objects but on live entities like humans also, though in a slight different way.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to create a comfort zone around us. And, prefer to live within it, unless and until, some outside force us to move out. It is not a childish phenomenon, but human nature. This very nature of humans tends to keep them away from any such thing, which can cause any disturbance it their life.

The second issue is about dependence.

[b]Whether we like it or not, we were dependent, are dependent and will remain dependent. The reason is that the survival of an individual is not possible without dependence on others, whether intellectually, economically, politically, socially or physically. An individual is noting but merely a part of total existence.

Each and everything, within this existence, use to affect others and also affected by other in return. This interrelationship negates any possibility of individual existence.

This is to say that one is able to exist only because some others also exist. And, in the same way, even his own existence helps some other to exist[/b].

Thus, the only choice we have is to whom we should depend upon?

There are two only options - government or family/society. And, right now, our dependence is continuously shifting from family to governments.

But, the problem is that, both family (elders) and governments use to consider folks as not worthy enough to be engage in some extraordinary discussions. And, they are right to some extent also because it may not be fruitful in some cases. Knowledge/information is just like any other power, thus it is necessary to give it to those only who are worthy of it. And, governments do not have any benchmark to decide which citizen should have access to which information or not. So, whenever they see anything serious, they declare it classified and keep that within themselves.

FC, i do not see any role of biology in folks following ideals.

FC, i do not see any drastic thing happening. We have been the same for ages and will be the same for ages.
Though, we have developed a lot but nothing has changed much within the premises of our skulls

Though, it is true that some of us would outclass others in the future, in the same way, as some of us have been done in the past, while most of us would lead our life within our comfort zone as usual.

With love,

I’m inclined to believe aliens exist, I’d say I’m about 60% sure, though that’s a percentage I pulled right out of my ass. It’s a big old universe, and bacterial life isn’t crazy uncommon. Not much of a push to go from that to flying saucers. There’s also just been so many damn sightings, I even saw one myself, or at least a classic “slow-moving, cigar-shaped object” in the sky when I was young. It wasn’t a blimp or a plane, or at least if it was a plane then someone in the UK had invented anti-grav because it was really creeping across the sky way below stall-out speed. Also 2 years ago we video-taped a really weird thing in the sky above my mother’s home - a sort of tumbling mass that skipped all over the place. If it was black weather baloons stuck together then there must have been some very strong, intermittant and bizarrely conflicting winds that day. I dunno.

On other days I think just how large are the odds that are stacked against unicellular lifeforms making the metabolic jump to multicellular, mitochondrial organelle based life forms and flip back to “there’s just us”. There’s also the whole distance thing. And light-speed etc. I like to go to zoos as much as the next guy, but I wouldn’t travel for a couple of hundred years in hypersleep or whatever while my car cruises along at some - compared to the size of the distance involved - pathetic shithole speed, just to see some monkeys throwing poo at each other.

Aah but, you forget warp speed Scotty