Capitalism at it's finest!


[/b] … re-fortune

Prophetic words penned by George Sand in mid 19th century.



Capitalism is simply wealth redistribution over and over and over again … never ending … in perpetuity.

OTH … is anything ever really “never ending” … perpetual? :slight_smile:

The irony of Laissez Faire capitalists is their claim that genuine capitalism is against monopolies but what we find in history time and time again is that capitalism inevitably, naturally, and predictably creates monopolies where it is almost certain that large companies will gobble up all the small ones overtime where in the aftermath a monopoly of commercial enterprise is formed. When this happens this is usually done to great detriment towards the rest of society.

Libertarians capitalist and free trade advocates will state or argue that the kind of capitalism we have today isn’t genuine capitalism but instead is crony capitalism yet I would argue that all forms of capitalism naturally evolve into crony capitalistic despots inevitably so. Once you understand that the whole silly charade of genuine capitalism versus non-genuine capitalism arguments just become silly and amusing. There is no original genuine unfettered form of capitalism that is in accordance of freedom or liberty but instead there is only crony capitalism in all its manifestations historically. Capitalism has never been for the common man or woman and the majority of society, it has always been about predatory commercial business practices.