capitalization, grammar, punctuation

I unwittingly have recently felt a victim to capitalization, grammar, and punctuation

for me, it’s a tough call. I’ve learned the rules growing up, and while not perfected, I’d like to think I have the rules down. Generally, better than most

an english teacher of mine once mentioned (I am paraphrasing), that, the rules should be learned such that they can be broken (in terms of literature (i don’t read)).

I’ve noticed several mistakes (while (conjunction?) or at (it became a preposition). I’ll settle at meanwhile (wait adverb?)…) typing this post up until this point-- . i’m not committed to using the rules in this (i’d say the word forum is devauled… let’s call this a venue)

anyway, I’ve grown up to think that my prerogative is to think that we should not worry too much about these things. Meaning… the internet. meaning…

to be sincere, I think that have wanted to suggest a less pompous means of communication on the internet for some time… approaching 20 years. How to communicate in this fashion to both the old (from my perspective, baby boomers++), and the young (who needed other than an app?)?

Some are picky about this… others are not.

To reread and insert the options, here, becomes…