Carleas, Uccisore, Turd, phyllo

On my honor, I do not want this challenge missed!!!


James Saint never insulted my intellect, so you guys don’t get him…

This is the one I want!

The stakes are this:

If I lose, my title will be changed to “useless, incoherent, shamed, dunce-troll”

If you all lose, then you must all “apple-a-gize” to me!!!

Let’s see… Uccisore uses argument from authority, argument populatum, argument ad mental illness… Now I know why he likes trump so much.

Uccisore, you will not win any debate I set before you…

I’d even re debate you on assertions being arguments.

What I actually figured out yesterday…

This is just another anti intellectual site, and it’s not because of me.

The fastest way to get rid of me is to be anti intellectual

And yet you’re still here.

Looks like you lose again.

I’m just still fact checking whether you and Turd and Carleas are just iambiguouses…

I pretty much have my answer, but I’m thorough