Cartoon Quote thread

I’ve notice that the T.V. Quote thread has mostly cartoon quotes so I got the idea to start a cartoon quotes thread.


  1. Cartoons only, it has to be a form of cartoon if it’s t.v. or movies whatever just has to be a cartoon.
  2. One quote per post.
  3. Put quote in blue and quotaion marks.

To start of with…

June: “He said he was a helper elf.”

Monroe: “Yeah well this one’s shirt says rock star on it but you don’t see me asking him for his autograph.”

Ray Ray: “That’s 'cause it costs a dollar.”

“An eternity with nerds- it’s the Pasadena Star Trek Convention all over again.” - Lt. Uhura


[i]i’m sorry, that’s never happened to me before
what, the 8 seconds of sex or the 40 minutes of crying?
um, both actually

stewie griffin, the untold story[/i]

“Jesus was black, Ronald Reagen was the devil, and the government is lying to you about 9/11.”


Ed, Edd, and Eddie



i used to be obsessed with that show in middle school

this show too

You’re just mad because you don’t have a tail
[size=75]it’s dragonball z, i’m sure nobody knows[/size]

Dragon Ball Z was one of the first animes I every watched.

villager: “Can your science explain why it rains?”

Sokka: “Yes, yes it can.”

Avatar the Last Airbender

I used to like DBZ because I thought it was cool, and now I like the original Dragonball because it’s funny.


Supergirl - Have you been going through my trash?
The Question - Don’t be rediculous, I go through everyone’s trash.
~ Justice League Unlimited

“Hey baby, wanna ride on my moped?”
~ Beast Boy, Teen Titans

Zim: [size=150]“Why Is There Bacon In The Soap?”[/size]

Gir: “I made it myself.”

Invader Zim


I’m gonna sing the Doom Song now. Doomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoom…

“Why is there yogurt in this cap?”

“I can explain. You see, it used to be milk, and, well, time makes fool of us all!”


“My Homer is not a communist. He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but he is not a porn star.”

The Simpsons

Shego: What does the Neutronalizer do, anyway?
Dr. Drakken: I have no idea. But the military had it, it was top secret, that’s good enough for me.
~ Kim Possible

“We can’t give up! Did Napoleon give up the Moon to the Swiss!?!”
Camp Lazlo

Drakken: “That’s good coco moo.”

Shego: “Stop saying coco moo.”

that’s gayer than a big pile of men having sex with each other!