Causality and time

Hello all,

Ive posted elsewere on ILP but am new to the Natural sciences forums…so, a Warm Hello to all :slight_smile:

This post is spurned by what I have felt and understood about about causality and the concept of time. It is somewhat on the lines of my thread “What is the present?” in the philosophy forums, but the questions are different…

I would like to think that all processes that are taking place in the universe influence other processes and states in the future. That means that a basic concept of causality is inherent in all of nature’s processes. But is the index of time necessary? Can causality be influenced by factors other than time like thermodynamic states of substances? In other words, does time influence anything which causes dynamic changes to process states without any heed to any other variable in the system than time? If so, we’d never be able have a system in which we could freeze a state in time and regenerate it after time has passed; return to the same state again and carry on from where we left off.

What are your views?