Celebrating Spacetravel

Spacetravel was invented by the Russians. They put a man in space who went by the name of Yuri Gagarin.

First though, they launched a ball made of metal into an orbit around the earth with a radio attached. Now, these things are called satellites. Then, it was just Sputnik. They were very proud.

When the Americans realized there was something new they could be the best at they threw all of their might and German professors at it, and came up with cool stuff too.


Now, spacetravel is privatized. There are some people preparing to go live on Mars. But to do real space exploration we have to make family trees inside of spaceships. We need to avoid the unhealthy benefits of inbreeding so there are great numbers required. I dont know how many and it is weird that a thread on spacetravel would go off into this direction, so let’s not have that.

In the end Spacetravel is about a choice. Are you happy with your horizon?

Who is next and what is the next great thing?
we’ve got some 14 billion years to go before we really have to leave the planet, but sending out probes with cameras has been highly rewarding for the soul.


I dont know a lot of technical properties of space vessels. Ive heard it written that even atomic blasts can be used for propelling.

Space will be the frontier of America 2.0. Pure truth-love. No la la land leftists-theists required.

Only heavy souls reach the stars.