celestial beings

I have only found a little reference to Celestial Beings, does anyone have, any information about these, or their function ?

In what way do you use the words?

Angelic like creatures OR planetary bodies?

I am refering to, the greek word, doxai, used to express, what are believed to be, angelic beings. They are also, refered to as, “glories” or, Glorious being.

They are like, beams of heavenly light, originating form god.

Any help on this, subject would be of great help, Thanks!

In the judeo-christian sense you are refering to angels. There is a hierarchy of angels and duties are related to the spot on that hierarchy. It’s been a while since I’ve read anyhting about angels so I won’t go into further details just so I don’t give you any false information. There are direct references to angels in the bible so you might to look at it.

You are a Celestial Being.

If Jesus is the only son of God, why do we say “our father in heaven”?

You can say that again! Get in line, pal.

Here is the problem with “consciousness,” whether it be of a sentient being or “spiritual” being doesn’t matter since it has to at least be a state where an object(body) has direct awareness of itself as conscious of something other than itself. As such, a consciousness is bound to a substratum of one form or another that must be a contingency; an unecessary aspect of a “thing” or being. “Human beings,” “extraterrestrials,” and “angels” alike are all Descartes children. If any of these three exist in such a way that they are aware of themselves, there must be an absolute framework and a set of rules with which “consciousness” takes place. The cogito holds for all experience.

Now I’ve become weary. I talk to an alien, an angel, and a human being, and I get more or less the same testimony. There they are…an object other than “me,” moving and emitting sounds. That or they are frauds and certainly not conscious. And though I can’t get past solipsism in the first place, I would generally assume that a confrontation with either of the three would be pretty much the same.

I don’t get excited when I believe that aliens exist, or disembodied “spiritual” manifestations, or other people. Experience is bound to contingency.

And we cannot…

[drum roll]

…go further.