From Amralkeisus Cenditae,

in the Scholiis; Accedunt Sententiae Arabicae Imperatoris: ex Rosarium Politicum sive Amoenum Sortis Humanae Theatrum de Persico in Latinum a Georgii Gentius.

Felis Leo est in capiendo mure;
sed mus est in certamine Tigris.

The cat cannot be sure of catching the mouse, but the mouse can be sure of catching the cat.

All becomes certain, until it stops being uncertain…

Does the mouse catch the rat tho… or something else?

What matters, to whom and when? ideally.

The mouse is certain; the cat isn’t. But catching? To catch means something very different for these two creatures.

It’s like Goethe told the poet: Fear Love. The poet was like: what are you talking about? I can’t- nobody can- just… avoid falling in love. Goethe said: I didn’t say try to avoid it. I said to fear it, dipshit.

And there it is, dipshits. Fear does not mean the same thing as run away from, or avoid.

Dipshits? …how very unnecessary.

Why no agape? …fear? …of?

Agape: the love of something that can’t help but love you in return.

Then let… the agapeing… begin. :romance-lovegoddess: