Challenging Turd.

I challenge Turd Ferguson to eat a sock on webcam and eat soup out of a boot on video also.

I’m prepared to hear anybody as outsiders who wish to volunteer themselves as judges to see if the guidelines of this challenge is met. Turd Ferguson of course must accept this challenge.

Turd Ferguson has ten days to accept my challenge if he dares.

That’s a wool, cotton, or polyester sock Turd. Wouldn’t want you to weasel out this challenge, would we?

I counter challenged Joker to send me a $1000 US Amazon Store Gift card, and videotape him PMing me on his site typing it in, and sending it to me, with my verification I received it, and that it is real.

If you have the balls to do this first, I will “consider” defending my honor in following suit with your portion of the challenge, or I will cry Raven and submit to your superior honor.

You challenged, so you move first. Let’s see if you have the balls to pull thus one off.