channeling Q & A

So, i decided to make this public.
I believe i can channel alien souls of the dead.
Then i thought, what if someone had questions for these beings.
So, I made this thread.
Anyone whom has any questions, speek up.

What is the meaning of life?
“Cytomorphic communicators” reply:
The meaning of life has 2 parts. Personal meaning and universal meaning.
Ideally, the personal meaning fits into the universal meaning.
Like building a castle and each person’s own meaning is a brick.
The castle becomes large, beautiful and useful.
However, not everything fits together. So there are also
many sub constructs.

Also to my surprise,
future humans seem to have made nano technologies,
which out do organic organs. So that their bodies
become nano machines, which can see, think,
eat and reproduce, in a greater way due to their
total technology. So future humans are similar
to inter stellar alien species at that time.

In all honesty, to me, this is more in the way of you channeling ecmandu.

But, okay, what might the Cytomorphic communicators make of the arguments I note in my signature threads?

Given a particular context of their own choosing.

What he means Dan is that nihilism pervades the entire universe and that even the aliens can’t escape it.

You can invest your personal reality in itself or in the outside world.
You can try to be an individual, or a member of a group,
and the group can be close knit like a collective,
or loosely knit like a nation.

When your inner existence feels bankrupt and void,
well, some people, at that point, seek meaning from
the outside world. Others want to live because
they have their own inner meanings and identity.

Your paradox is an issue which many must face.
And some try to avoid this issue even though
they must face it or face its consequences eventually.
It tends to become more difficult the longer a person waits.

We / They see consciousness as a construct.
Finite. Logical. Structural.
Depending on how it is set up,
it can work well or work badly depending on its application.

Gills vs lungs.
One does well only in water, and the other does well only with the air.
Mind’s value is dependent upon context and application details.

A loving mind does well in a society of friendly people.
A selfish mind does well in a greedy society, at times.
A peaceful mind does well to avoid and reduce stress.

So when you say, “grasp my identity as separate and distinct from mankind?”
it’s not separate.
Everything you experienced shapes your construct / mental structures.
Ideally a person tries to adapt to a situation.
The situation is either water or air, gills or lungs.
It only works in its own context or doesn’t work in a specific situation of application.

Is this enough or do you need more?

Some beings find value in things far more generously than a human would.

Possibly. But in a wholly determined universe, they were never able to not escape it.

On the other hand, can God?

Where did the Rh negative blood type come from?

Can an alien soul take residence in a human body?

That is a good question and we do see plenty of evidence of this happening. In the eye of the beholder of course.

Sometimes I wonder whether people are themselves - this kind of thinking, of course, leads to others things including me questioning myself.

There have been many instances in the past where I have wondered - if channeling is a real thing, how would it work.

I hear that almost all souls can
potentially go into a human body.
But they cannot become physical things.
So the body’s main personal soul is partially physical energy.

Also i hear “all human blood types came about through internal chemistry.”
They have a hard time getting me to have
pure knowledge. So i can’t chan sciences very well.

Science is wrong in assuming that its take on human reality is the only one possible. Some current scientists are able to think beyond such limitation.
Do you believe in reincarnation, Dan? Perhaps your ancestors speak to you and tell you of what it is like to be between lives.
I’m not making fun of your OP. I have had the dead visit me in dreams with messages. I’m fond of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
Maybe there is a limited number of souls, say 144,000. Maybe these visit more than one body.
Could two persons share one soul? Maybe this is what draws us favorably toward each other.
Every aspect of Nature, including human nature, appears to be heading toward the Omega Point or reunion with the Creator. Reincarnation could accomplish that. Nihilism is a defeatist opinion. Hope is in the blood and bones. Hope recognizes the journey back to God.

Ok, I’ll bite…

Why am I blind?

You see far more than most people can see.

Throughout history there have always been shamans or mediums who claimed to channel spirits or souls. The value of this activity is the meaning that people take from it.

“Some beings find value in things far more generously than a human would”

No. Look at me, Dan. Look at me. NOTHING MATTERS.

Dan you look at me goddamit! NOTHING MATTERS!

In transactional analysis this kind of communication is known as parent to child. Rational communication on the other hand is adult to adult. In the language of nonviolent communication (NVC) this language is violent. Now the sentiment that nothing matters is nihilistic on its face. Would you care to elaborate on your basis for this conclusion?

Hell no! Have you lost your mind? It’d take me like three days to explain, bro. I’d be in the shit storm just like Parodites… and then I’d have to argue with u all for like a month.

Hell no man I ain’t doing it. I’m never going back. Never.

That is a question for a human doctor.

I think reincarnation is possible, but isn’t always the case.
As far as i know, the universal consciousness / God has a core that is in a distant plane.
So to meet God, our soul must travel a large distance.

Come on, Dan, a doctor can tell her technically why she is blind. But what if the intention of a question like this revolves around a deeper meaning? Like, why is there blindness at all? Or why are some people born blind but not others? Or what constitutes the most rational obligation on the part of those who are not blind in their interactions with those who are?

With or without a belief in a God, the God, my God. Or, for the No God religious folks, the spiritual, enlightened path.