Checkers vs Chess (+ Go)

which is the more taxing game on a persons functional intelligence?

  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Poker
  • Hockey
  • Go
  • Russian Roulette
  • Ikaruga
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We know chess is an analogy of the physical world, a game of situations caused by different factors of different types working at the same time. It is Earthly in this sense.

Checkers on the other hand is highly abstract. There is only one force, which if it reaches the other end of the board becomes supercharged. For the rest there is only the compelling force of having to take when that is possible. This is an analogy of electricity, rather than of situations. Well electrical situations, tensions fields. Whereas chess is more an earth where a complex chaos is being pushed through interlocking characters.

In chess, chaos is far more likely to occur than in checkers. In checkers, chaos is like a vacuum, its hardly possible to attain. But in chess the usual condition in a good game is kind of chaotic, for examples when a few loose pawns cause high uncertainty.

This rank phenomenon inside of the chess mind is the cause of the different layers of order which are superimposed on each other and cause different outlooks at the same time. In checkers, you have to be far more brilliant to be good.

At least this is my first impression, after trying it online for the first time since I was 8 or so and played my dad. I find this ridiculously taxing when coming from a nice chaotic-aesthetic chess adventure. It is not something where misleading is as obvious an option except as a general phenomenon of layered insights.

Go - this seems to be largely a game of intuition, of boldness in willing a structure into being. It is staring at the whole board at once, like a mandala. He who meditates deeper, who usurps the others meditation locks down the pattern.