was cheese an accidental invention? or did someone know enough about dairy products to actually think ‘‘if i churn this up and throw it around in a bit of material, the mould should taste nice’’?

A quick look on google reveals (do i sense a theme here?)

“According to legend, cheese was “discovered” 4,000 years ago when an Arabian merchant journeyed across the desert, carrying a supply of milk in a pouch.

Why this man thought he could cart milk across a desert for a day, we’ll never know…but hey, we’re not complaining. The lining of the pouch, combined with the heat of the sun, caused the milk to separate into curd and whey. That night he drank the whey and chowed on the cheese, and thus, so the story goes, our beloved cheese was born.”

remember, google is your friend.

see, thats what i thought. and i told everyone and they all laughed. but i thought that was how they made butter. i saw it once on this kids tv program with a cow and a horse and ducks and things … one of the ducks wore a hat. it was a farm. there was a frog in a pond. and the farmer was a real man, while the animals were sesame street type puppets. does anyone know what it was called? something farm …

ooh … was it dappledown farm? i think it was. hmm.

and all these years later I still think that cheese tastes like raw ass. Along with yogurt and anything that involves rotten milk.

Cheese is good stuff. I was just wondering the other day, not about how cheese came about, but about how beer was discovered and how people found out that smoking the tobacco leaf was (sort of)pleasurable. Weird stuff, I know, but I can’t help it :slight_smile:

makes you wonder what kind of utter idiot was walking around and dediced that, hey I want to smoke this leaf! It bugs me out. But whoever that lone pothead was out there, I thank you. This bud’s for you!

well, not really. I can’t smoke anymore.

I bet some primitive man/men initially used some wild marijuana as a fuel for their camp fire. Then, fifteen minutes later, after accidentally breathing in some smoke, they got a little tingle.

Maybe they put two and two together that night.

Maybe this had to occur several times throughout history before they figured it out.

Who knows, but I know one thing…


I get to smoke weed and you don’t, killa!


Shoot em’ dead, Smooth. And wait until you see the whites of their eyes before you do.

Let God sort em’ out, right?

How many of you say “Amen?”

Well, don’t mention it.

lol Nanook!


Tell me about it! It sucks.

I doubt that I will see any combat out here. As you see I have a pencil pushing job (being that I’m on the internet 18 hours a day), but if it were to come down to it, I’m pretty sure I’ll get mine! Let’s just hope that it doesn’t have to come to that. I don’t want to become some crazed veteran.

And starting December 18th, 2005 it will be on and popping in Amsterdam! I’m trying to vacation over there and visit Easy Tymes “coffee shop”!

Lucky bastard.

I’ve promised myself the same thing, but my wallet disagrees.

I’ll have to settle for the economy size Amsterdam, which is Vancouver B.C.

Have a great time, Smooth, and be careful in the red-light district.