chess and how not to play the game

Ok, my dad taught me chess when I was 4 or 5 and over these many, many
years, I have had a love/hate relationship with chess… I was so involved with
chess at one point, I even played in a tournament when I was 13 or 14 and
I played these 5 and 6 year old kids who absolutely crushed me… a very sad
experience, to say the least… in high school, the only club I joined was the
chess club and I was ok at best and then over the years afterwards, on and off,
with friends, I would play some years quite a bit more then other years…
as my friends have moved on to other things, I don’t have anyone to play chess
with so I kinda forgot it and then I came across this web chess site and decided to
try it again…so I got it going and the site was set for level 50 out of 100 or so,
so I got going on level 50, just to see where I was and I got crushed at 50… ok, I am
out of practice and it is going to happen, so I reset it to 40, the lower the number, the
easier it is, and at 40 got crushed again… ok, no problem, I kinda expected that and
so I reset it to 30 and once again got killed, so I reset to 20 and you know what happened,
so I reset it to 10, at this I am thinking this is really not the right direction I am suppose to
be going and at 10, you know, so at this I am thinking ummmmm, maybe I am really this
bad… so reset it to 5 and lost badly, but not AS badly as in 10, so improvement? I think…
so I went to the lowest level possible and finally won, but it was because the computer
made such random and stupid moves that ANYONE could have won… so here I am
at 1 and not feeling so great about life… after a couple of games, I was able to
get it up to 3 and then I worked my way to 10, but it took a couple of games and
I use the hint button a lot… after few more games, I was able to get to the point,
where I didn’t need the hint button as much… I started to win more and more games,
so I kept moving the numbers up, now I am at 26 and feeling better about my game…
I still keep making stupid moves from lack of practice but at least I know better now…
so, I am on the rating part, in which the computer rates you… I am around 950, but
the problem, I don’t know if that is low or high, I have no way to compare numbers…
I am guessing, 950 is on the low side… but with practice and determination, I
might creep my way up to just really bad at chess instead of, unholy mother of god
are you bad at chess!.. I intend to keep it up and I have pulled my old chess
books out of the closet… chess openings and pawn structure types of books…I
just have to make the time to work out these moves and buy a chessboard to
work out these games… so look out world, in 20 or 30 years, when I am really old,
I shall storm into the chess world and be the champion of the world…

and then I woke up…


Did you lose your dream when you woke up?

Hi PK, do you have a link to that site? Sounds ideal. My chess partner died about 10 years back. Miss those times.

K: my apologies for your chess partner… one day it was advertised on some website,
I researched it and it seems to be legit…
the company name is “Unbalanced Global gaming company” the name of the
game seems to be "the Chess LV.100…I hope this helps you out…

BTW how is everything? I have been very, very busy these days between
work, research, wife making me do “projects” which suck up a lot of time…
for example, we are redoing the storage shed either later today or tomorrow and
that should take hours, I hate doing anything that takes me away from my
research or writing…the life of a married man…


You can take my word for it, PK, he’s definitely dead! :smiley:

I’ll drop an email later. Friday night email! Dv!

K: I am looking forward to your e-mail…