China and the USA engaged in a battle for economic primacy

What is Bannon talking about here. What inflection point.
This is a technical analysis that he made, but he doesn’t give us the data.

I would like to find out what the bottom line is for the US economy to be able to stay on top.
So basically, what can definitely not be happening.

The market capitalization of the Shanghai-Hong Kong market is 31,718 billion yuan at this point, which would translate to about $ 2 Trillion but Im seeing numbers listed all over the place ranging up to 5 trillion - one noodle hit even says 10 trillion.
Is this deliberate?

The NYSE market cap is over 20 trillion USD.

edit - thats awesome
My spellchecker corrected my attempt to write google into noodle.

Thats what Im gonna call it now.
Lemme noodle these numbers.

The largest five US market capitalizations are all tech companies.
Next finance, next drugs, next oil. No solid industry.

Compare this to the 100 largest companies in 1960:

While US is busy debating whether Steve Bannon is a “racist” or not…he’s absolutely right about China.

Confusion reigns.
On one page:

“Bannons ouster lifts the Dow Jones off Lows”
“Wall Street ends down after hits House shakeup”

Of course the main product the the West has to offer over China, is freedom of expression. This is the ground material to the four largest US corporations; Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook - then Korea has Samsung. We would need to back this up with some radical geocentric technology. I mean technology that makes direct use of our power in order to restore the Earth to glories not seen in perhaps millions of years - we could surely develop methods to rapidly grow forests and purify oceans, if we put the money into it - at the very least we could enhance our experience of life by massively focussing on such aims.