Mostly to Joker,

Choice is the most powerful delusion ever created by Western men and employed through the human language.

It is a simple tool or device used by masters (masculine men) to control and direct the lives of the ignorant & indolent masses (feminized men & women) into a slavery of “free will”.

There are only a very few methods that both combat & overcome this extremely dominating power, but it is outside the awareness of most people (especially, but not absolutely, ethnic minorities and women). Even if a person gains awareness of this fact, overcoming the “power of (Western) men” is almost guaranteed to fail unless those men accept the new weapons that you have acquired as a tribute, to which you must then join their ranks or be annihilated (through an inevitable fate worse than death pending your failure).

The Christian religion (a monotheism based on one all-powerful “God”) is the actualization of this phenomenon.

First, Christianity is necessarily deterministic, therefore your last sentence contradicts the first.

Second you made the choice to argue that you had no choice but to make this post when you could have chosen to just go to the toilet and pound your pud for the hour or whatever it took you to write it. If everyone is compelled to do what they do, why argue against it since thought and reason would only be illusions.

I’ve thought about ‘free will’ in this context.

If science is correct that ‘expansion’ is the predominant force or activity in our universe
we as hominids are an evolutionary product of the universe’s current ‘will or instinct’ to expand
our actions should reflect a more complex evolution of the ‘will’ to expand.

I believe that’s why you see people always wanting ‘more’ and to be ‘more’.
It’s just the universe’s instinct to expand refined in ‘monkey’ terms…LOL

Hey hey now… Don’t get caught up in definitions…

Free will might very well be an illusion…

But so is then the taste of ice-cream.

You argue that because our ice-cream will inevitably be eaten, the taste of the ice-cream is meaningless… Why?

I believe the opposite…

There is no reason why the tatse of ice-cream is meaningless simply because god decided that i would eat said ice-cream.

Free-will is an illusion from which we cannot escape… Are you trying to escape? why?

Choice… We might never be able to make a random choice because “everything happens for a reason”.

Personally i say forget the reasons, this ice-cream tastes to damn good.

It takes the evolution of ‘intelligence’ and ‘language’ to have ‘meanings’ and ‘choices’.
Most of the time life is unintelligent doing it’s instinct thang.
We’re the lucky ones who get to taste ice cream and scheme to get laid.