I think out of all things I have learned about Judaism I have found the most Christian to be those people who have remained with the struggle of racism in America and the globalization. I believe black people have endured as some of the most spiritual and Christian people. I have not seen it for all the sign of Jonah with others of different descent except common among Hispanics who bury things in a paper heart. You do not see a greater faith enduring from the Neo-Nazi conspiracy that has survived the Mason Dixon line to the inerrancy of the acclaimed writings of Nietzsche struggling both with a form of Mien Kampf and Superman, The Übermensch challenged by Malcom Bull, “The Loser” which has incorporated philosophy like Machiavelli and characters like Cyrus The Great. Some people may challenge the idea of Mein Kumf but while a white majority remains in control of the U.N. and America we continue to see its exploitation of Nietzsche and care of the Zionist movement to eliminating anything Jew. Therefore by tariff do we not already see Mien Kampf to third world countries and the way they mainly would value a prince which is to see the rooster crow.
Kluck (Chicken Noise)
Ku Klux Klan
As there are no bald eagles in Vietnam, the closest thing to which the Vietnamese could draw a comparison was the chicken, thus leading to the pejorative "chicken men.

            This idea has even destroyed even modern Christianity as replacing Jesus for the Eucharist, the agape and evangelical lost to the great Walrus drenched in blood.  Most notably gone is the Sign of Jonah by Zebulon and subjective agapism, on purge to the Superman.   Jesus Christ idea of Judaism was set in charity and disenfranchised nobility such as nepotism entrepreneuring its way to charity and obvious sanity of balance, “render unto ceasar”.   Established hierarchy should be balanced as it may hurt the lower classes to tax, but in obvious truth to it they are sometimes collectively made by forms of superiority such as Nietzsche or worship like Ganesh.  It is by this right I believe rule and authority by heaven and not man “render unto Caesar” should be given to ideas such as Malcolm Bull’s, the loser, with identity to that like Issachar and those disenfranchised who have been made to make whole by a doctor.  It is in faith and repentance we seek the sinful meek and poor by any other means do we not see it in sin and therefore contrary to the idea placed in nepotism, being its self actualized goal.  I believe the best method’s work by comparative advantage and market structures such as the Phillips curve, to take advantage of disenfranchised market trends from mutualistic goals and needs, “render unto Caesar”.

Please Share Any Comments about My Thoughts on the subject.

In other words, you haven’t learned anything about Judaism, and thus actually know nothing about Christianity other than gossip in the form of profiler’s documentation.

“Mason Dixon”
“Mien kampf”

“the Zionist movement to eliminating anything Jew.”???
What the hell??? :confused:

That’s like saying,
“The Libertarians movement to eliminate anything American!!” :astonished:

It is not well stated but I mean removing the philosophy of Jews, by backing the Hebrews, moving them to the land of Israel. The philosophy and religion they have done away with from masonry and neolithic principal.

Well, okay, but do you understand that the Zionist movement was originated by and sustained by the Khazars? The Khazars, were apparently descendants of one of the original tribes of Moses and thus call themselves JEWS (even though not really associated with Judea). And the Mason’s are a sect of Judists (builders of Solomon’s temple)?

The prime intent of Israel is to rebuild Solomon’s temple, a source for absolute world domination through the means of the Star of David, involving Money, Media, and Medicine and currently houses by far the wealthiest people on Earth (Rothschilds).

Judaism is fundamentally about usurping power and thus naturally creates defensive actions against them, just as Moses predicted. Moses was certain that there was actually nothing that anyone could do about it anyway. Jesus was trying to tell Judea, that usurping power was never the aim from the very beginning, but rather establishing harmony, almost the opposite of what the Hebrews and consequential “Jews” were about (They were all into “dividing the waters” and “turning nation against nation”… for profit).

Catholicism was one of the defenses formed from the teachings of Jesus. Thus there was an apostate between Jesus’ intent of getting the Jews back on track and the resultant Gentile religion that formed due to the Jews murder of him.

Possibly things are Jew but they are based on Gideon and therefore anti-semtic, you know Superman a Gadfly to Israel.


Could you “possibbly” rephrase that?

I mean I believe they treat things Jew, but the idea is usurped by its own belief system, to transform it into what Nietzche believed the Superman. Its based on Underman. The religion literally hears it’s own message self destruct to a point of universal nihilism. The point is not that we know all things are nihilistic but that we are not distracted by superior circumstance, that we can not figure invention, strategy or politics like Alexander and Cyrus the Great. Most of Judaism is Disillusionment except rainbow, idealism that can be defined and explored and these are considered personal at best. The gun for example has made ideas of brute strength somewhat obsolete to the tank, jet bomber, etc, etc.

Aka Gadfly=Superman

My only reaction to your thoughts make me think that you are somewhat confused and lack focus.
You string a jumbled collection of ideas together in a rambling and undisciplined way making it hard to figure out what you are trying to say and what are your aims on posting.
I’m not trying to inflame, but just give you my honest reaction.

Well, there is a whole lot of very significant truth to the whole picture of Man that you will never see on the Internet or other gossip channels, especially any mainstream media. So my first recommendation is to stay away from the whole;
A = Bad Guy
B = Good Guy

That was what the Christians referred to as “The Original Sin”, thinking in terms of Good and Evil. Just don’t touch that “tree of thought”. From my perspective, it is really is all just Noise. They are all actually just “Good Guys that are exceptionally Bad at it”. Some worse than others. And that was what Jesus and Buddha were saying as well (along with many others).

But since this thread is about Christianity, it can’t go without mentioning that Catholicism was formed specifically and solely for the intent of protection against the oncoming annihilation (regardless of its source). The “Christ” literally means "the “Savior” from annihilation. And that leads into your Nietzsche issues as Nietzsche proposed the exact opposite, The Anti-Christ = “Annihilation”. The Hindus refer to these two opposing “forces” or “spirits” as Vishnu (the Savior) and Shiva (the Destroyer), not as people, but as efforts or general behaviors, “gods”.

The only thing that I can tell that the Catholics didn’t get quite right involves the general notion of “Momentum”. If Jesus ever mentioned it, he was apparently never quoted. If the Catholics had added that one concern to what they were trying to do, the Entire world would have become Catholic 1000 years ago and Science would have started 500 years before that. Science ended up getting separated from Christianity, even though Christians were paramount in its creation, and has now become yet another religion, separate even from its own seed.

So there really are no “Good Guys fighting Bad Guys”, just as Jesus and Buddha (and others) tried to explain. There is only Noise from Good Guys who are really Bad at it trying to make bigger noises so that can become GOD!!! :astonished:

But the “real God” (what I refer to as “THE God” = that which dictates what can or cannot be) is just as the Hebrews mentioned, “Jealous”, in that he who attempts to be God in place the THE God, will not be tolerated by THE God for long. At very most one should try to be a very small “god” in dominion of no more than his own immediate surroundings. But that is another long story.

You have it wrong about the Khazars.
The whole point about them is that they were not ethnically related to the tribe of Mosses at all. They were sandwiched between Christendom and Islam and decided to adopt the progenitor religion so as not to inflame either sphere of influence, but to play one off against the other for their own protection. They made Judaism the official religion of the state and hoped to avoid the expansion of the Muslims.

They straddled the Caspian and Black seas, and controlled the northern route out of Byzantium to the East- far from Judea, and were composed of Turkic peoples of various kinds.

The Person that popularised their Jewish significance to the modern world was Arthur Koestler, whose thesis was that the breakup of the Khazar state was the main cause of the diaspora of all Ashkenazi Jews, and they were in fact NOT descendants of Moses at all. This explains why most Euro-jews are white and not of Middle Eastern appearance, unlike the true darker skinned Jews of the Sinai and Judea, who were from Caananites, and Aramaic speakers like Jesus.

So the Khasars far from being ethicallly Jews were called by him, The Thirteenth Tribe.

The idea that Khazars are actually the origin of all Ashkenazis is still controversial and there is some speculative evidence based on DNA that it is not the case.
You might also like to read this. … i_ancestry

However one thing is for sure, they were not of the house of David, or Moses.

Yes, I am aware of that argument, but didn’t want to get into it. They currently claim to be one of the tribes, and since those tribes were sent out into “the four corners of the Earth”, I can’t say that they weren’t one of those tribes. They obviously behave just as the proposed tribe. And supposedly DNA evidence is in favor of their claim, as well as many more subtle issues. I don’t personally care.

Most people aren’t even aware that “Caesar” and “Czar”, just mean Khazar (the word has a meaning behind it, not just a label, translated as basically “keeper/cause-of-spirit” or “spirit-master” and associated with the Hebrew’s “El”). The MO of Judaism is to help others conquer a land and then usurp it from them, as did Caesar and the Czars.

Caesar and Czar, or tsar are indeed the same word as is Kaiser, and both owe their etymology to the Latin.
Caesar was the surname of Julius first century BC, and was widely adopted an honorific, hence the German king and Russian leaders

But as far as I know Khazar is not etymologically connected to the Latin Caesar, being of Turkic origin.