Christianty and Buddhism

I’m new here and this is my first post, but as I am currently Buddhist with a Christian background, I do not believe in a god apart from the self-actualizing element in all living things. Yes, Christianity is diametrically opposed to Buddhism in forms of practice (i.e., meditation vs. prayer, god vs. godhead, and so on), Buddha said that any religion that taught the 4 noble truths in any sense, not even in order or together, was a valid belief and enlightenment could be obtained through said practice. Christianity does teach the 4 noble truths in very different ways, as do most religions. It’s kind of like the “you say tomato, I say tamato” argument. It’s a very confusing thing to try and explain, my significant other is Christian and he has no understanding of what I mean when I say, just because I don’t believe in an omnipresent being who created everything doesn’t mean what you and I practice is so far removed. So basically, according to most Buddhists familiar with this teaching, they are very similar. However, most Christians I meet and speak to about this (I live in the bible belt) don’t agree with that, but they usually have a poor understanding of Buddhism as a whole. I get “Doesn’t that mean you believe God is Buddha?” alot. Generally, most theologians and preachers think they are very similar, denying that most religions teach similar things is futile. Basically, it’s all the same,w hther you believe in a god or not. Everyone in a religion is in it to achieve a few basic things; although I do understand that the belief in a god and christ is key to christianity. That is a large difference. Sorry for rambling, I’m really just trying to find a way to get some common ground with my boyfriend, he witnesses to me and I find it somewhat unsettling as it’s not a new relationship and my beliefs were there from the beginning.

I posted because I want someone else’s perspective to help me see things in a different way in order to relate to the people in my life. Thanks.