Cinderella is a gold digger...

She is just more subtle about it, beautifying herself no differently to her hostile sisters, using make up and a dress to turn the head of the prince, attended the ball for the same reasons and pretended to be a noble in order to get in, even though the ball was open to commoners too, she did this so the prince would feel no embarrassment making herself more available to him as a compatible option…

When the prince finds out that she is a slave girl, she says…

Hypergamy at its best, notice she says “who loves you” and not" in love with you"…it would of been more believable if she had said that instead…notice how she uses the words “country girl” to softly highlight her poverty and slave role making herself seem more creditable…and of course she would have to put the word “honest” in front of it for that extra boost…

and look what the mangina price responds with…

what a cuck…

What version are you talking about???

The recent movie, well, the one on netflix

Well that explains that. In the original she is the daughter that is noble of mind and yet a lady. The prince was noble of mind and a gentleman. Dignity was in the original. The story was designed to give hope of true love against the odds for both boys and girls. Though it was taken and made more for girls when Disney got hold of it. Disney did balance occasionally but, the late 50s and 60s were about social change. Walt took advantage and used stories to educate.

Disney bastardised Beauty and the Beast also.

Jean Cocteau’s 1946 version of Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la Bête) is sheer genius.




I agree but, did you ever read the original story? It has been close to 5 decades since I have.

Cinderella was the step sister to the ugly two?

I looked it up on Wikipedia and was surprised at it’s history.

Tell me briefly if you will the original story.

Why are you watching Cinderella?
This strikes me as the first version I read as a little kid.: Disney movie confused me when I watched it :slight_smile:

Cinderella wants to get away from the step mother and step sisters who abuse her. What’s wrong with that?

Does she?? Or would she rather they loved her?

If you look at the plot, she does not end up with their love so if that was her goal then she failed and the story is a tragedy.

If her goal was a better life without their abuse, then she succeeded in getting it.

Kriswest wrote:

Cinderella Story Comparisions: … risons.htm

I only knew of the Charles Perrault book version, (the movie is another version) published 1697 The Little Glass Slipper

The Grimm Fairy Tales version was published in 1812 in their book of fairy tales.

There are over 700 versions that have been accounted for worldwide.

Holy shit! The story must strike at something deep within the human psyche for us to be that obsessed over it.

You are quite right about that but, we first need to find out if there are other stories with near or so many versions. Then dissect and decipher the whys , what’s and who. Off hand , different societies would require different versions. But, why adapt?

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Well it was just about to get Philosophical.